Academic ESL

PLEASE NOTE: Academic ESL is changing its name to ELS – English Language Studies effective Fall 2016.


The purpose of the Academic ESL Program is to provide academic English language instruction for students whose native language is not English. Our goal is to help prepare students for academic studies at U.S. colleges and for professional employment in the United States. 

How to Enroll in Academic ESL Classes at College of DuPage

Below you will find steps to becoming an Academic ESL student at COD.

Step 1: Apply
Apply to be a student at College of DuPage and get a student ID number. You can do this online by clicking here.

Step 2: Take Placement Tests
Directions to Testing Center at College of DuPage, Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2405.

Testing Center Hours and Other Locations

Recommended Placement Tests

  • ACCUPLACER ESL Reading Skills
  • ACCUPLACER ESL Sentence Meaning
  • ACCUPLACER ESL Language Use 
  • ACCUPLACER ESL Listening

Step 3: See a Counselor or Advisor
After you get your test results, you may contact the Academic ESL Program Advisor directly, or you can contact the Counseling and Advising Center at (630) 942-2259, Student Services Center (SSC) Room 3200 to schedule an appointment with the Academic ESL Program Advisor:

Dmitriy Brener, Academic ESL Program Advisor
Berg Instructional Center, Room 2516N, (630) 942-4633

The Academic ESL Program offers the following classes

Four Credits:

ESL 0441 Academic ESL Reading I
ESL 0442 Academic ESL Reading II
ESL 0443 Academic ESL Reading III

ESL 0551 Academic ESL Writing I
ESL 0552 Academic ESL Writing II
ESL 0553 Academic ESL Writing III

ESL 0661 Academic ESL Grammar I
ESL 0662 Academic ESL Grammar II
ESL 0663 Academic ESL Grammar III

ESL 0771 Academic ESL Listening and Speaking I
ESL 0772 Academic ESL Listening and Speaking II
ESL 0773 Academic ESL Listening and Speaking III 

Two Credits:

ESL 0881 Academic ESL Language and Culture I
ESL 0882 Academic ESL Language and Culture II
ESL 0883 Academic ESL Language and Culture III 

ESL 0820 Academic ESL Health Care Careers (spring semesters only) 

Academic ESL Faculty

John Stasinopoulos
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2516D, (630) 942-2013

Jill Granberry
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2516C, (630) 942-4270

Martha Attiyeh
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2516E, (630) 942-2065 

General Counseling and Advising

Student Services Center (SSC), Room 3200


Dmitriy Brener 
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2516N, (630) 942-4633

Faculty Spotlight

  • John Stasinopoulos

    John StasinopoulosAcademic ESL

    "I hope my students learn enough to be able to discover for themselves the paths leading to their various academic and professional destinations."

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