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Sharon Scalise, Program Coordinator
Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 1007, (630) 942-2619

Lisa Horvatin, Program Advisor
(630) 942-2078

Anna Gay, Program Support Specialist
(630) 942-2502

Business and Technology Division
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2616, (630) 942-2592


  • Sarah Bhaidani

    Sarah BhaidaniFashion Studies

    “When I was young, I enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls but I was always more interested in the clothes they wore than anything else.. So I would spend most of my time drawing clothes and costumes. I started to seriously consider fashion as a career my senior year of high school but even then I was wary about my decisions. I have learned so much from my professors and even those I haven’t taken classes with yet,. This past year has helped me grow and mature in ways I didn’t know I could. I’ve learned skills and made contacts that will aid me in my goal to make a name for myself in the fashion community.” 

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  • Sarah Stuglis

    Sarah StuglisFashion Studies

    “When starting classes, we all start at the beginning. So whether you know how to sew or not is not important because we all start at the same stage. COD will help you make new friends and meet people from other departments. The teachers will give you advice and provide you with connections in the fashion industry for your career after you graduate. Not only will you receive more personal attention because the class sizes are smaller than a large school, you will also save money while doing it. I am so happy I chose to come to College of DuPage.”

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  • Lexi Traczyk

    Lexi TraczykFashion Studies

    “I’m really blown away that everything is mingling and accumulating to something very fulfilling, and that includes classes outside of the fashion program. I’m not just learning, I’m experiencing and growing into a better, truer version of myself."

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  • Alex Jurczewski

    Alex JurczewskiFashion Studies

    “I feel like I am challenging a new part of my brain that I did not even know existed, and now I see things from a new perspective, which is really working to my advantage.”

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  • Bhavana Jain

    Bhavana JainFashion Studies

    “I have developed wonderful relationships with my professors, and I never hesitate to ask them for career advice. They are very passionate about teaching students.”

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  • Valeria Baker

    Valeria BakerFashion Studies

    "The Fashion program at COD has been an inspirational motor in my life. Not only did I find excellent coaching here but I have found the way to express myself in a manner I never thought possible."

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  • Judith Smith

    Judith SmithFashion Studies

    "Every instructor was extremely helpful and generous with their time, knowledge and experience. I feel very privileged to have had them as teachers." 

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  • Anna Loosli

    Anna LoosliFashion Studies

    "I would definitely recommend College of DuPage for any person who has an interest in entering the fashion design world as this school provides a broad offering of design courses to help anyone learn and grow."

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