Hearing Instrument Dispensing Certificate Program

Welcome to the College of DuPage Hearing Instrument Dispensary Certificate Program. The Hearing Instrument Dispensary Certificate will prepare students for a career as a hearing healthcare provider and hearing instrument specialist. This program will prepare hearing healthcare providers to administer and interpret hearing tests, select and fit hearing aids, adjust physical and electroacoustic parameters of hearing instruments, and recommend assistive listening devices. Hearing instrument specialists work together with audiologists in medical settings, private practice, clinics, and retail venue in order to meet the needs of the Hard of Hearing community. The Hearing Instrument Dispensary Program certificate is designed to provide students with the didactic instruction and clinical practice in anatomy and physiology of the auditory mechanism, acoustics and hearing sciences, clinical audiometry, aural rehabilitation, professional ethics, and hearing instrumentation. This program will help prepare students for the Illinois Department of Public Health Hearing Instrument Dispenser Licensing Written and Practical Exams.

This certificate targets students that have previously earned a minimum of an Associate's Degree and wish to work as part of the hearing healthcare team as a Hearing Instrument Specialist/Dispenser.

Graduates of the Hearing Instrument Dispensary Program certificate are expected to meet the following objectives:

  • Describe the anatomy and physiology of the human auditory system including auditory pathways, peripheral and central
  • Explain auditory sensations and interpret auditory perception of complex sounds
  • Demonstrate the basic principles of audiological assessment across the lifespan
  • Demonstrate interventions aimed at minimizing the communication difficulties associated with hearing loss in people of all ages
  • Demonstrate knowledge of hearing aid components and systems, electroacoustic evaluation, methods of prescribing hearing aid gains, and hearing aid signal processing
  • Describe hearing healthcare provider scope of service, licensure, workplace skills, resume writing and interviewing skills, professional ethics, employment settings, team membership and conflict resolution, universal precautions, culturally sensitive practice, and the psychosocial impact of hearing loss.


If you are considering this program as an area of study, consult with the faculty member in this field.

 Genevieve Leinonen, Au.D - Professor, Program Coordinator

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