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From Automotive Service Consulting and Strategic Management to Voice Acting, these are just a few of the new class offerings for Spring at College of DuPage.

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Spring 2017 - New Classes

Automotive Service Consulting

(AUTO 1301 HYB01)

Fundamentals of automotive customer service, sales skills, and writing effective repair orders will be covered.
Prerequisite: Course requires Reading Placement Test Score-Category One or consent of instructor.

Automotive Chassis Systems

(AUTO 2140 001)

Advanced operation, diagnosis and testing of suspension and chassis systems. Topics include TPMS, electronic power steering and suspension systems, and NVH diagnostics.
Prerequisite: Course requires Reading Placement Category One. Automotive Service Technology 1120, 1131, 1140 and 1240, all with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Advanced Windows 2012 Server Configuration

(CIT 2511 001)

Advanced administration network server technologies and various types of server services with in-depth hands-on practice. Topics include ISCSI, file server resource manager, load balance, and failover. Prepare students for Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA) certification exam.
Prerequisite: Computer and Internetworking Technology 1710 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or Computer Information Systems 1620 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or consent of instructor. 

Practicum: Paraprofessional in a K-12 Classroom

(EDUCA 2250 001)

Students will participate on a regular basis in a K-12 school. Students will assist K-12 students under the supervision of a licensed teacher. 150 hours of practicum are required.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor is required.

Integrated English Skills
(ELS 0820 010)

Academic/professional English skills for students whose first or primary language is not English. Emphasizes critical thinking in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Develops language and research skills necessary for success in the academic or professional setting. Intended for students who hold a high school certificate or its equivalent and have previously studied English. Topics will vary by term offerings. This course may be taken four times for credit as long as different topics are selected.
Prerequisite: Appropriate score on mandatory placement tests or consent of instructor.


(ENGIN 2223 001)

This is an introduction to the structure of microprocessors. The topics include architecture, instruction set, assembly language programming, assembler directives, input/output operations, C language programming for an embedded device, timers, analog-to-digital conversion, interrupts, and timing analysis. The course includes a lab component and is intended for electrical and computer engineering students.
Prerequisite: Engineering 2213 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent 

Generator Repair & Maintenance

(HORT 1153 001)

Introduces portable power generator operation, basic electrical concepts, safety procedures, brushless and brush type generators, circuit analysis, troubleshooting using related testing procedures and equipment to repair generators.
Prerequisite: Horticulture 1150 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent. 

Compact Diesel Engines

(HORT 1154 HYB01)

Explores the design, operation, proper maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of compact diesel engines found in the horticulture and agriculture industries.
Prerequisite: Horticulture 1150 and Horticulture 1152 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent. 

Local Foods

(HORT 2305 001)

Explore the local food system, the importance of locally grown foods and the future impact of urban agriculture. 

Introduction to Composting

(HORT 2308 001)

Introduces the cultural requirements, advantages, and benefits of composting systems. 

Prague and Budapest Familiarization Trip

(HOSP 1823 FS060)

Spend nine days exploring the hospitality and tourism industries
in the two historic cities of Prague and Budapest. Join a
behind-the-scenes tour of a hotel, tourism bureau, convention
center, winery, brewery and glassworks facility. Explore the
culture and heritage of the Czech and Hungarian people.
Participants will plan one full day itinerary and marketing for
the scheduled excursions. Gain an understanding of the various
components of the tourism system on a local, state, regional,
national and international level. Classes: April 26, May 3, 10
and June 14 (6 to 7:50 p.m.). Field study: May 20 to 28. Fee:
$3,300 (includes airfare, train, ground transportation, hotels,
admissions and some meals). Tuition is extra. Information:
Kathleen Talenco, (630) 942-2352, email: or
Mary Beth Leone, (630) 942-2059, email:

Grant Development for Non-Profit Organizations

(HUMAN 2230 NET01)

Students will be introduced to basic concepts of the grant process, including how to identify funding prospects, determine funding requirements, understand grant guidelines, understand the basic steps in developing a sound grant proposal, and grant management. This class provides the learner with the tools to understand grants and their role in the fundraising schema of human services organizations. 

Introduction to Medical Humanities

(HUMNT 1120 030)

An interdisciplinary survey course that will draw on the arts, social sciences, philosophy, religion, and history to focus on how we frame and are framed by medical practices and interactions. This course will also consider meanings attached to illness and health and to how these meanings are narrated and given representation across time and through the Humanities. Students will consider cultural influences that drive medical narratives and will be asked to analyze medical narratives from a humanist perspective. Attendance at outside events may be required.
Prerequisite: Course requires Reading Placement Test Score-Category One. 

Residential Forced-Air Heating

(HVACR 2180 001)

Advanced course covering forced-air furnaces in residential and light-commercial applications. Covers installation, components, sequence of operation, maintenance, and electrical and mechanical troubleshooting of mid-efficiency, high-efficiency (condensing), and modulating forced-air furnaces.
Prerequisite: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 1110 and 1181 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent, or consent of instructor. 

Mechanical Systems

(HVACR 2242 001)

Introduces students to mechanical concepts of measurement, pipe fittings, pipe dimensions, shaft and pulley alignment, pumping concepts, pump maintenance, introduction to fluid dynamics, and systems integration of mechanical facility and industrial systems. 
Prerequisite: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 1105 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or Manufacturing 1151 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or Welding 1100 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or consent of instructor. 

ASL/English Skills Development

(INTP 2105 020)

Students will develop and master the intralingual skills needed to effectively translate from the source language into the target language.
Prerequisite: Admission to the program is required. Sign 2103 or equivalent or concurrent enrollment in Sign 2103 or consent of instructor.

Cognitive Processing ASL/English

(INTP 2106 020)

Students will be introduced to cognitive processing skills essential to the interpreting process. These include memory pattern recognition and inferences, delayed repetition, comprehension, immediate repetition, acuity and discrimination, word and phrase pattern inference, and multitasking.
Prerequisite: Interpreting 2104 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Library Technology

(LIBRA 2400 NET01)

Introduction to technology applications for library functions and services.
Prerequisite: Library and Information Technology 1101 or equivalent, or consent of instructor. 

Strategic Management

(MANAG 2295 001)

Capstone course focused on the strategic management process. Topics include development of strategic plan, analysis and allocation of financial resources, environmental and industry force analysis, and competitive positioning. Case study analyses will provide students with strategic experiences and allow them to integrate management, marketing, financial, and accounting concepts.
Prerequisite: Business 1100 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent and Management 2210 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent and Marketing 2210 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent and Accounting 2140 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or consent of instructor. 

On-Location TV Production

(MPTV 2134 001)

Emphasizes techniques for multi-camera on-location productions. Demonstrates how to produce live event production (sports, concerts, and government meetings). Introduces television production skills, the fundamentals of advanced directing, and offers in-depth, hands-on experiences with various television equipment.

MR Pathology

(MRIT 2105 200)

The magnetic resonance imaging pathology course familiarizes the student with the common pathologies found in magnetic resonance imaging and the appearance of these pathologies in various imaging protocols.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor is required. 

Imaging Applications

(MRIT 2106 200)

Imaging applications provide the student with a comprehensive overview of MR pulse sequences, image formation, and image contrast, as well as the knowledge of the parameters and imaging options used to create MR images. 
Prerequisite: Admission to the program and consent of instructor is required. 

Principles & Procedures II

(MRIT 2107 200)

The second principles and procedures course provides the student with the continuation of the imaging techniques related to the central nervous system (CNS), neck, thorax, musculoskeletal system and abdominopelvic regions.
Prerequisite: Admission to the program and consent of instructor is required. 

Clinical Practice II

(MRIT 2108 200)

Content is presented as a progression in competency levels through clinical performance objectives and competency exams.
Prerequisite: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology 2104 or equivalent or consent of instructor. 

Women and Religion

(RELIG 2170 001)

An introduction to the complex, changing position of women in major world religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The approach will be both historical and contemporary, with significant emphasis on the United States today.
Prerequisite: Course requires Reading Placement Test Score-Category One. 

Social Gerontology: Aging & Society

(SOCIO 2252 001)

This course focuses on aging with emphasis on demographic trends, individual aspects of aging, such as family and social support networks, retirement and adaption to aging. Particular emphasis is given to issues surrounding aging and society including the economy, politics, health and social services, and public policy – both nationally and at the local level.
Prerequisite: Course requires Reading Placement Test Score-Category One. 

Voice Acting

(THEAT 2205 001)

Introduction to voice acting techniques for radio, television, multimedia, and other audio and visual presentations.
Prerequisite: Theater 1111 or equivalent, or concurrent enrollment in Theater 1111 or consent of instructor.


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