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From Drivelines/Hydraulics/Hydrostatics and Urban Agriculture Issues to Translating from American Sign Language to English/English to American Sign Language, these are just a few of the new class offerings for Spring and Summer at College of DuPage.

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Spring 2017 - New Classes

Automotive Service Consulting

(AUTO 1301 HYB01)

Fundamentals of automotive customer service, sales skills, and writing effective repair orders will be covered.
Prerequisite: Course requires Reading Placement Test Score-Category One or consent of instructor.

Advanced Windows 2012 Server Configuration

(CIT 2511 001)

Advanced administration network server technologies and various types of server services with in-depth hands-on practice. Topics include ISCSI, file server resource manager, load balance, and failover. Prepare students for Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA) certification exam.
Prerequisite: Computer and Internetworking Technology 1710 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or Computer Information Systems 1620 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Compact Diesel Engines

(HORT 1154 HYB01)

Explores the design, operation, proper maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of compact diesel engines found in the horticulture and agriculture industries.
Prerequisite: Horticulture 1150 and Horticulture 1152 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent.

Prague and Budapest Familiarization Trip

(HOSP 1823 FS060)

Spend nine days exploring the hospitality and tourism industries
in the two historic cities of Prague and Budapest. Join a
behind-the-scenes tour of a hotel, tourism bureau, convention
center, winery, brewery and glassworks facility. Explore the
culture and heritage of the Czech and Hungarian people.
Participants will plan one full day itinerary and marketing for
the scheduled excursions. Gain an understanding of the various
components of the tourism system on a local, state, regional,
national and international level. Classes: April 26, May 3, 10
and June 14 (6 to 7:50 p.m.). Field study: May 20 to 28. Fee:
$3,300 (includes airfare, train, ground transportation, hotels,
admissions and some meals). Tuition is extra. Information:
Kathleen Talenco, (630) 942-2352, email: or
Mary Beth Leone, (630) 942-2059, email:

Summer 2017 - New Classes

Artisan Bread and Viennoiserie
(CULIN 2179-001)

An exploration of the art, craft, and science of artisan breads and viennoiserie. Prerequisite: Culinary Arts 1171 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Diversity in K-12 Schools
(EDUCA 2230 NET01

Students will be introduced to aspects of diversity in K-12 schools. The course will emphasize home-school communication and culturally responsive teaching. Learning to support students from diverse
populations will be addressed.

The Great Plains
(ENGLI 1800 FS070)

The Great Plains of the United States is a region of great historical, cultural, economic and environmental significance. Examine the transformation of the original tallgrass prairie
into an agricultural powerhouse, with far-reaching consequence that continue to the present and will require action for a sustainable future. This class combines reading and writing with hands-on field experience at the Willa Cather Foundation in Red Cloud, Nebraska, and tours and visits to the Land Institute in Salina, Kansas, the Flint Hills Discover Center in Manhattan, Kansas, and the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Strong City, Kansas. Classes: June 14, 21 and July 5 (7 to 8:50 p.m.). Field Study: June 23 to July 1. Fee: $700 (includes ground transportation, lodging, most meals, entrance fees and guest speakers). Tuition is extra. Must co-enroll in BIOLO-1800-FS070 and either ENGLI-2253-FS070 or ENGLI-1800-FS070. Information: Deborah Adelman, (630) 942-3406, email: or Shamili Ajgaonkar, (630) 942-2123, email: Course requires Reading Placement Test Score - Category One

(HORT 1155 HYB01

Foundation of driveline, hydraulic, and hydrostatic principles and system operation including how to troubleshoot and repair equipment found in the horticulture and agriculture industries.

Urban Agriculture Issues
(HORT 2303 NET01)

Explores urban agricultural issues at the local, national, and global level focusing on growing food in urban areas. Includes the current state of urban agriculture, as both a social movement and as an
aid in the implementation of urban environment sustainability.

HVACR Contracting
(HVACR 2260 001)

Application of the HVACR design and implementation procedure, with emphasis on the equipment selection process, as outlined in Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manuals S and CS, Residential and Commercial Equipment Selection. Best practices for residential and light commercial HVACR contractors and designers, including identifying and incorporating recognized industry practices
into business operations.
Prerequisite: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 1100, 1105, 1110 and 1181, all with a grade of C or better and concurrent enrollment in Management 2210 or consent of instructor.

Translating from ASL to English/English to ASL
(INTP 2107 100)

This foundation prepares students with basic translation skills enabling students to progress in faithful message transfer and rendering. The focus is on message analysis, transfer and reformulation in American Sign Language (ASL) and English.
Prerequisite: Interpreting 2106 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or consent of instructor.




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