Full-Time Faculty

Kay Gerken, Professor
BIC 1614, (630) 942-3063

Casey Emerich, Professor
BIC 1618, (630) 942-2472


All extensions for adjuncts can be reached by dialing (630) 942-2800.

Joanne Arford
COD Voice Mail: ext. 52006

Cathy Cioffi
COD Voice Mail: ext. 52237

Mary Peterhans

Jan Peterson
COD Voice Mail: ext. 52153

Jill Runke
COD Voice Mail: ext. 52169

Mary Ann Sisul
COD Voice Mail: ext. 57235

Stella Styrczula
COD Voice Mail: ext. 52252

Faculty Spotlight

  • Kay Gerken

    Kay GerkenOffice Technology Information

    “I have been told I have a knack to break things down from the complex to the simple and I enjoy helping people. Students learn at a different rate, and as long as they make progress, they are successful. We don’t all need to progress at the same pace.”

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  • Casey Emerich

    Casey EmerichOffice Technology Information

    “A fear of mine has always been a student asking, ‘When are we going to use this?’ I want students to leave my class with practical knowledge and skills that will lead them to a successful, fulfilling career. I hope they feel confident and unafraid to ask questions. We all have something to offer and can learn from each other.”

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