The study of physics is concerned with the interactions of everything from the smallest particles known to occur in nature to the largest things found in nature: quarks, photons, atoms, galaxies, clusters and super clusters, and the universe itself.

The Physics program at College of DuPage has three levels of study. Physics 1100 is a general survey course for liberal arts students. Physics 1201 and 1202 comprise a one-year exploration of general principles, recommended for students who want a one-year sequence of lab science and/or who intend to major in biology or a pre-professional area. Physics 2111, 2112 and 2115 is the sequence of choice for other science majors and for engineering majors.



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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Division
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2E06, (630) 942-3210

2017-2018 Outstanding Faculty Award Winner


Tom Carter

Tom Carter, professor of Physics at College of DuPage, has been named the College-Wide Outstanding Full-Time Faculty Member for 2017-2018.

Faculty Spotlight

  • Spotlight: David Fazzini

    David FazziniPhysics

    When it comes to arousing his students' interest in physics, associate professor David Fazzini has literally nailed down an ideal lesson plan. In fact, he becomes part of the lesson as he lies bareback on a bed of nails with a second bed of nails positioned on his upper body. A student crowns this spiky layer cake with a cinder block, which another physics professor then smashes with a sledgehammer.

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  • Spotlight: Tom Carter

    Tom CarterPhysics

    Tom Carter isn't sure why he likes physics so much.  "I think I like the way it sits on the edge between philosophy and science, presenting a clear, logical way to view the world," he said. "Once you really grasp physics, you see the world in an entirely new way. Everything seems like a physics problem."

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  • Spotlight: Carley Bennett

    Alexandra Carley BennettPhysics

    "I enjoy learning new things and learning how to attack new problems, and helping other people to learn and build those same skills is extremely rewarding for me."

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