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Contact Information

Connie Canaday Howard, Director of Theater
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 186C, (630) 942-2137

Amelia Barrett
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 186D, (630) 942-2100

Glenn Glinke, Program Support Specialist
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 169, (630) 942-2892

Arts, Communication, and Hospitality Division
Charles Boone, Dean
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2E06, (630) 942-2047


  • Spotlight: Nick Bender

    Nick BenderTheater

    “The Theater program laid the foundation to everything that I’ve done in my career. Connie Canaday-Howard, Amelia Barrett and the entire technical theater staff, Michael Moon, Jon Gantt, Galen Ramsey, Aly Amidei and the many guest directors, teachers and designers taught me so much. Not only did I learn acting, directing, improv, stage design, make-up and script analysis, but they also guided me on the business of acting. I learned about finding an agent, what theater companies in Chicago I should try to work with, how to conduct myself as a professional actor and countless other gems."

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  • Spotlight: Linday Smiling

    Lindsay SmilingTheater

    “Being able to work and be taught by professional actors was instrumental in establishing my work ethic. In addition to developing the basics of acting technique, the professionals at COD taught me how to audition, what my resume should look like and what to expect after academia. College of DuPage provides excellent resources to learn how to be a professional. If you decide to enroll at COD, be open and prepared to learn.”

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  • Spotlight: Jim Belushi

    Jim BelushiTheater

    “When I hit the stage at Southern Illinois University, I had so much experience that I was cast in the leads. If I had gone to SIU as a freshman, I never would have got my feet on the boards like I did at COD."

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  • Spotlight: Nicole Bloomsmith

    Nicole BloomsmithTheater

    "I have always said and will continue to say to anyone who listens how proud I am of my education at COD. The classes I took, and the relationships I made, the experiences and opportunities that came along with being a student in the Theater program have shaped the artist I am today."

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  • Spotlight: Robyn Coffin

    Robyn CoffinTheater

    "I grew in every way possible (at COD) -- professionally, artistically and personally. I still talk to and am very close with most of my COD friends and peers."

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  • Spotlight: William "Sandy" Smillie

    William "Sandy" SmillieTheater

    "College of DuPage gave me the chance to see if what I wanted to do was really what I wanted to do," he said. "I also met people at COD and BTE who are directly responsible for some absolutely critical events in my career. I can genuinely say I would not be where I am to day if it weren't for my decision to go to COD." 

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  • Spotlight: Nicole Hendricks

    Nicole HendricksTheater

    "My experiences at COD gave me the foundation that I needed to be successful at Northwestern and continue to experiment in various forms of theater and production."

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  • Spotlight: Matt Armstrong

    Matt ArmstrongTheater

    "I don't know that I realized at the time just how lucky I was at COD. I loved it there to be sure, and I had amazing mentors like Connie and Craig Berger. But I was spoiled. Four-year universities don't typically do four or five student productions a year."

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  • Spotlight: Ron May

    Ron MayTheater

    "To this day, there are things I find myself regurgitating from classes I took what seems like forever ago from Connie Canaday Howard, Craig Berger and Jodie Briggs. Truthfully, I still credit Connie with a lot of my 'career path' landing where it did."

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  • Spotlight: Lamorne Morris

    Lamorne MorrisTheater

    Morris stars in New Girl, FOX network's new blockbuster comedy with Zooey Deschanel. Morris plays Winston, a former basketball player sharing an apartment with two other guys and one wacky girl named Jess. As roles go, this one's just about perfect for the 2003 COD graduate.

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