Program Code Listing


Associate in Arts (AA)

Associate in Arts Teaching Secondary Math (AAT)

Associate in Arts Early Childhood Education (AAT-EC)

Associate in Fine Arts: ART (ART.AFA)

Associate in Fine Arts: MUSIC (MUSIC.AFA)

Associate in Engineering Science (AES)

Associate in General Studies (AGS)

Associate in Science (AS)

Associate in Applied Science

See list below for options




Accounting (ACCOU.AAS)

Accounting Certificate (ACCOU.CER)

Advanced Accounting Certificate (ACCOU.CER.ADV)

Clerical Accounting Certificate (ACCOU.CER.CLER)


American Sign Language

American Sign Language Interpreting (ASLI.CER.INTP)

American Sign Language Interpreting (ASLI.CER.SIGN)


Anesthesia Technology

Anesthesia Technology (ANES.AAS)



Business Anthropology Certificate (ANTHR.CER.BUSIN)



Architectural Technology-CADD (ARCH.AAS.CADD)

Construction Management (ARCH.AAS.CONST)

Pre-Architecture Technology (ARCH.AAS.PRE)

Architectural Technology Certificate (ARCH.CER.ARCH)

Pre-Architecture Certificate (ARCH.CER.PRE)

Architectural Rendering Certificate (ARCH.CER.REND)


Automotive Service Technology

Automotive Service Technology (AUTO.AAS)

Automotive Service Technology Certificate (AUTO.CER)


Cancer Registry Management

Cancer Registry Management Certificate (CRM.CER)


Computer Information Systems

Game Animation & Design (CIS.AAS.GAMEA)

Game Design & Development (CIS.AAS.GAMED)

Game Programming & Development (CIS.AAS.GAMEP)

Software Development (CIS.AAS.SOFTW)

Application & Technical Support Specialist (CIS.AAS.TECH)

C++ Language (CIS.CER.CPLUS)

Business Productivity Software (CIS.CER.BUSPRO)

Database Proficiency (CIS.CER.DBPRO)

Enterprise Database Proficiency (CIS.CER.ENTDB)

Game Design & Development (CIS.CER.GAMED)

Game Programming & Development (CIS.CER.GAMEP)

iPhone/iPad Developer Proficiency (CIS.CER.IPHPD)

Java Language (CIS.CER.JAVA)


Windows Network Administration (CIS.CER.NETWK)

Spreadsheet Proficiency (CIS.CER.SPREAD)

UNIX Proficiency (CIS.CER.UNIX)

Visual Basic Language (CIS.CER.VB)

Web Programmer (CIS.CER.WEBPRG)

Web Technician (CIS.CER.WEBT)


Computer & Internetworking Technology

Computer & Internetworking Technology (CIT.AAS)

Information Systems Security (CIT.AAS.INFOS)

Computer & Internetworking Technologies Certificate (CIT.CER)

Voice Over IP Telephony Specialist Certificate (CIT.CER.VOICE)

CCNA Security Certificate (CIT.CER.CCNA)

Internetworking Technician Certificate (CIT.CER.INET)

Information Systems Security Certificate (CIT.CER.INFOS)

Network Professional Certificate (CIT.CER.NET)

System Support Specialist Certificate (CIT.CER.SYS)

CompTIA A+ & Network+ PC Technician Certificate (CIT.CER.TECH)



Cosmetology (COSME.AAS)

Cosmetology Certificate (COSME.CER)


Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice (CRIMJ.AAS)

Homeland Security (CRIMJ.AAS.HOME)

Criminal Justice Certificate (CRIMJ.CER)

Emergency Management Certificate (CRIMJ.CER.EMER)

Forensic Criminal Investigations Certificate (CRIMJ.CER.FCI)

Homeland Security Certificate (CRIMJ.CER.HOME)

Private Security Certificate (CRIMJ.CER.PRIV)


Culinary Arts

Baking & Pastry Arts (CULIN.AAS.BAKE)

Culinary Arts (CULIN.AAS.CUART)

Culinology and Food Science (CULIN.AAS.CULIN)

Baking & Pastry Arts Certificate (CULIN.CER. BAKE)

Culinary Arts Certificate (CULIN.CER.CUART)


Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene (DEHYG.AAS)


Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Radiography (DMIR.AAS)

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography (DMIS.AAS)

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Nuclear Certificate (DMIN.CER)

Computed Tomography Certificate (DMIR.CER.CTOMO)

Cardiac IV Radiography Certificate (DMIR.CER.CARDIV)

Mammography Certificate (DMIR.CER.MAMM)

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography Certificate (DMIS.CER)

Diagnostic Medical Imaging Vascular Sonography Certificate (DMIS.CER.VASC)


Early Childhood Education & Care

Early Childhood Education & Care (ECEC.AAS)

Early Childhood Education Certificate (ECEC.CER)

Assistant Teacher Certificate (ECEC.CER.ASST)

Administration Early Childhood Ctr Certificate (ECEC.CER.ECC)

Family Child Care Certificate (ECEC.CER.FAMCC)

Multicultural Education Certificate (ECEC.CER.MULTI)

School-Age Child Care Certificate (ECEC.CER.SCHCC)

Infant, Toddler, 2-Yr Old Child Certificate (ECEC.CER.TODD)


Earth Science

Weather Hazards & Preparedness Certificate (EARTH.CER.WHAZ)



Teaching Online Utilizing Technology Certificate (EDUCA.CER.TOUT)


Electronics Technology

Electronics Engineering Technology (ELECT.AAS)

Biomedical Engineering Technology (ELECT.AAS.BIOMED)

Electronics Technology Certificate (ELECT.CER)

Digital Logic Devices Program Certificate (ELECT.CER.DIGIT)

Electricity & Electronics Technology Certificate (ELECT.CER.EETEC)

Industrial Control & Automation Certificate (ELECT.CER.INDCA)

Radio Frequency Technician Certificate (ELECT.CER.RADIO)

Renewable Energy Technology Certificate (ELECT.CER.RENEW)



Electrician Apprenticeship (ELMEC.AAS.ELECA)

Electro-Mechanical Technology (ELMEC.AAS.ELMET)

Electrician’s Preparation Certificate (ELMEC.CER.EPREP)

Mechanical Maintenance Certificate (ELMEC.CER.MECH)

Mechatronics Technology Certificate (ELMEC.CER.MECTEC)

Advanced Multiskilled Technician Certificate (ELMEC.CER.MULTSK)

Process Control Certificate (ELMEC.CER.PROC)

Programmable Controller Certificate (ELMEC.CER.PROG)



Technical Communication Certificate (ENGLI.CER.TECH)


Facility Management

Facility Management General Certificate (FACM.CER)

Facility Management Technician Certificate (FACM.CER.TECH)



Fashion Apparel Production (FASHI.AAS.APPRL)

Fashion Design (FASHI.AAS.DESGN)

Fashion Merchandising (FASHI.AAS.MERCH)

Fashion Apparel Production Certificate (FASHI.CER.APPRL)

Fashion Design Certificate (FASHI.CER.DESGN)

Fashion Entrepreneur Certificate (FASHI.CER.ENTRE)

Fashion Merchandising Certificate (FASHI.CER.MERCH)


Fire Science

Fire Science (FIRE.AAS)

Emergency Medical Services (FIRE.AAS.EMS)

Firefighter Certificate (FIRE.CER)

Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (FIRE.CER.EMT)

Paramedic Certificate (FIRE.CER.MEDIC)

Fire Officer Certificate (FIRE.CER.OFCR)

Fire Prevention Certificate (FIRE.CER.PREV)



Geographic Information Systems Certificate (GEOGR.CER.GIS)


Graphic Design

Graphic Design (GRDSN.AAS)

Interactive Media Degree (GRDSN.AAS.MEDIA)

Graphic Design Level 1 Certificate (GRDSN.CER.LVL1)

Graphic Design Level 2 Certificate (GRDSN.CER.LVL2)

Web Design Certificate (GRDSN.CER.WEBDE)


Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology (HIT.AAS)

Acute Healthcare Coding Certificate (HIT.CER.ACUTE)

Ambulatory Coding Certificate (HIT.CER.AMBUL)

Physician Office Coding Certificate (HIT.CER.POBILL)


Health Sciences

Non-Invasive EKG Technician Certificate (HLTHS.CER.NEKG)

Pharmacy Technician Certificate (HLTHS.CER.PHARM)

Phlebotomy/EKG Certificate (HLTHS.CER.PHLEB)


Hearing Instrument Dispensary

Hearing Instrument Dispensary Certificate (HIDP.CER)



Horticulture (HORT.AAS)

Horticulture (HORT.CER)

Floral Shop Management Certificate (HORT.CER.FLOR)

Nursery & Garden Center Certificate (HORT.CER.GRDN)

Greenhouse Management Certificate (HORT.CER.GRNH)

Landscape Design & Construction Certificate (HORT.CER.LAND)

Sustainable Landscapes Certificate (HORT.CER.SUSTAIN)

Landscape & Turf Maintenance Certificate (HORT.CER.TURF)



Meeting & Event Planning (HOSP.AAS.EVENT)

Hospitality Management (HOSP.AAS.MGMT)

Restaurant Management (HOSP.AAS.REST)

Travel/Tourism (HOSP.AAS.TRVL)

Meeting & Event Planning Certificate (HOSP.CER.EVENT)

Hotel Foundations Certificate (HOSP.CER.FOUN)

Hospitality Management Operations Certificate (HOSP.CER.OPER)

Travel/Tourism Professional Certificate (HOSP.CER.PROF)

Resort Management Certificate (HOSP.CER.RESORT)

Restaurant Management Certificate (HOSP.CER.REST)

Hotel Sales & Marketing Certificate (HOSP.CER.SALE)

Travel & Tourism Foundations Certificate (HOSP.CER.TTFDN)

Wine Appreciation & Knowledge Certificate (HOSP.CER.WINE)


Human Services

Human Services (HUMAN.AAS)

Addictions Counselor (HUMAN.AAS.ADDIC)

Human Services Certificate (HUMAN.CER)

Addictions Counseling Certificate (HUMAN.CER.ADDIC)

Corrections Counseling Certificate (HUMAN.CER.CORR)

Developmental Disabilities Certificate (HUMAN.CER.DEVDS)

Domestic Violence Certificate (HUMAN.CER.DOM)

Applied Gerontology Certificate (HUMAN.CER.GERON)

Mental Health First Aid (HUMAN.CER.MHLTH)

Residential Child Care Certificate (HUMAN.CER.RESCC)

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Certificate (HUMAN.CER.REHAB)

Veterans Counseling Certificate (HUMAN.CER.VET)




HVACR Building Environmental (HVACR.AAS.ENVIR)

HVACR Service Technician (HVACR.AAS.HVAC)

Energy Audit & Analysis Certificate (HVACR.CER.ENERG)

Service Technician Certificate (HVACR.CER.HVAC)

Stationary Operator Certificate (HVACR.CER.STATOP)


Integrated Engineering Technology

Integrated Engineering Technology (INET.AAS)


Interior Design

Interior Design (INTER.AAS)

Interior Design Computer App Certificate (INTER.CER.COMP)

Kitchen & Bath Design Certificate (INTER.CER.KBD)

Interior Design Lighting Certificate (INTER.CER.LITE)

Sustainable Interior Design Certificate (INTER.CER.SUST)


Library & Information Technology

Library & Information Technology (LIBRA.AAS)

Library & Information Technology Certificate (LIBRA.CER)


Long Term Care

Long Term Care Administration Certificate (LTC.CER)


Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Advanced Certificate (MRIT.CER)



Management (MANAG.AAS)

Management Certificate (MANAG.CER)

Business Environment Certificate (MANAG.CER.BEC)

E-Commerce Certificate (MANAG.CER.ECOM)

Entrepreneurship Certificate (MANAG.CER.ENTR)

Organizational Leader Certificate (MANAG.CER.ORG)

Supervision Certificate (MANAG.CER.SPRV)


Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology (MANUF.AAS)

Automated Manufacturing Systems (MANUF.AAS.AUTO)

Manufacturing Technology Drafting & Design (MANUF.AAS.DRAFT)

Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MANUF.AAS.MET)

Manufacturing Technology Certificate (MANUF.CER)

Automated Manufacturing Sys Certificate (MANUF.CER.AUTO)

CNC Operations Certificate (MANUF.CER.CNC)

Computer-Aided Design Certificate (MANUF.CER.CAD)

Manufacturing Drafting/Design Certificate (MANUF.CER.DRAFT)

Mold Making Certificate (MANUF.CER.MOLD)

Manufacturing Skills Standards Certificate (MANUF.CER.MSSC)

Tool & Die Making Certificate (MANUF.CER.TOOL)



Marketing (MARKE.AAS)

Marketing Certificate (MARKE.CER)

Consumer Marketing Certificate (MARKE.CER.CONS)


Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant (MASST.AAS)

Medical Assistant Certificate (MASST.CER)


Motion Picture Television


Digital Broadcast Journalism (MPTV.AAS.BROADCST)

Film/Video Production (MPTV.AAS.FILM)

TV Production (MPTV.AAS.PROD)

Motion Picture & Television Certificate (MPTV.CER)

Animation Certificate (MPTV.CER.ANIMA)



Music Business (MUSIC.AAS)

Audio Production Certificate (MUSIC.CER.AUDIO)



Nursing (NURSI.AAS)

Basic Nursing Assistant Training Certificate (NURSA.CER)

Practical Nursing Certificate (NURSI.CER)

Practical Nursing Med Corpsman Certificate (NURSP.CER.CORP)


Office Technology

Executive Assistant (OFTI.AAS.EXEC)

Admin Assistant/Meeting & Event Plan (OFTI.AAS.MEET)

Administration Support Specialist (OFTI.AAS.SUPRT)

Administrative Support Essentials Certificate (OFTI.CER.ESSEN)

Medical Office Certificate (OFTI.CER.MEDOF)

Admin Assistant /Meeting & Event Plan Certificate (OFTI.CER.MEET)

Office Technology Specialist Certificate (OFTI.CER.SPEC)

Administrative Support Specialist Certificate (OFTI.CER.SUPRT)

Word Specialist Certificate (OFTI.CER.WORD)



Paralegal Studies (PLGL.AAS)

Paralegal Studies Certificate (PLGL.CER)



Photography Technology (PHOTO.AAS.TECH)

Photography Technology Certificate (PHOTO.CER.TECH)


Physical Education

Fitness Instructor Certificate (PHYS.CER.FITN)

Sports Performance Training Certificate (PHYS.CER.PERF)


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist Assistant (PHYTA.AAS)


Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy Certificate (RATH.CER)

Proton Therapy Advanced Certificate (RATH.CER.PROTN)


Real Estate

Real Estate Appraisal Certificate (REALE.CER.APP)


Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care Advanced Practitioner (RESP.AAS)

Polysomnography Certificate (RESP.CER.POLY)


Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA.AAS)


Surgical Technology

Surgical Technology (SURGT.AAS)

Surgical Technology Certificate (SURGT.CER)

Surgical Assistant Certificate (SURGT.CER.ASST)

Central Processing Dist Tech Certificate (SURGT.CER.CPDT)

Perioperative Nursing Certificate (SURGT.CER.PERIO)



Welding Technology (WELD.AAS)

AWS Sense 1 Certificate (WELD.CER.AWS)

Welding Certificate (WELD.CER)