Academic Program Change Form - Program Code Listing

Degree Programs
Certificate Programs
3+1 Bachelor Degree Completion Program
Non-Degree/Certificate Programs


AA                     Associate in Arts

AAS                   Associate in Applied Science
                          (See list below for options)

AAT                   Associate in Arts
                          Teaching Secondary Math

AAT-EC             Associate in Arts
                          Early Childhood Education

ART.AFA           Associate in Fine Arts: ART

MUSIC.AFA      Associate in Fine Arts: MUSIC

AES                   Associate in Engineering Science

AGS                  Associate in General Studies

AS                     Associate in Science



ACCOU.AAS                            Accounting

AIRC.AAS.CONTRA                 HVAC Contractor

AIRC.AAS.ENVIR                     HVAC Bldg Environ

AIRC.AAS.HVAC                      HVAC Service Tech

ARCH.AAS.CADD                    Architectural Tech-CADD

ARCH.AAS.CONST                  Construction Mgmt

ARCH.AAS.PRE                       Pre-Architecture Tech

AUTO.AAS                               Automotive Service Tech

CIS.AAS.GAMED                     Game Design and Development

CIS.AAS.GAMEP                     Game Prog & Development

CIS.AAS.SOFTW                     Software Development

CIS.AAS.TECH                        Application & Tech Support

CIT.AAS                                   Computer & Interwk Tech

CIT.AAS.INFOS                       Information Systems Security

COSME.AAS                            Cosmetology

CRIMJ.AAS                              Criminal Justice

CRIMJ.AAS.HOME                   Homeland Security

CULIN.AAS.BAKE                     Baking & Pastry Arts

CULIN.AAS.CUART                  Culinary Arts

CULIN.AAS.CULIN                   Culinology and Food Science

DEHYG.AAS                             Dental Hygiene

DMIR.AAS                                Diag Med Image Rad Tech

DMIS.AAS                                Diag Med Image Sonography

ECEC.AAS                               Early Child Ed & Care

ELECT.AAS.BIOMED              Biomedical Engineering Technology

ELECT.AAS                             Electronics Engin Tech

ELMEC.AAS.ELECA                Electrician Apprentice

ELMEC.AAS.ELMET               Elect-Mechanical

FACM.AAS                              Facility Management

FASHI.AAS.APPRL                 Fashion Apparel Prod

FASHI.AAS.DESGN                Fashion Design

FASHI.AAS.MERCH               Fashion Merchandising

FIRE.AAS                               Fire Science

FIRE.AAS.EMS                       Emergency Med. Services

GRDSN.AAS                          Graphic Design

HIT.AAS                                 Health Info Technology

HLTHS.AAS.MASS                Medical Assistant

HORT.AAS                             Horticulture

HOSP.AAS.MGMT                 Hospitality Management

HOSP.AAS.REST                   Restaurant Management

HUMAN.AAS                          Human Services

HUMAN.AAS.ADDIC              Addictions Counselor

HUMAN.AAS.CORR              Corrections Counseling

HUMAN.AAS.DEVDS             Developmental Disability

HUMAN.AAS.DOM                 Domestic Violence Counseling

HUMAN.AAS.GERON             Applied Gerontology

HUMAN.AAS.RESCC              Residential Child Care

INET.AAS                                Integrated Engin Tech

INTER.AAS                              Interior Design

LIBRA.AAS                              Library & Info Tech

MANAG.AAS                           Management

MANUF.AAS                           Manufacturing Tech

MANUF.AAS.AUTO                 Auto MFG Systems

MANUF.AAS.DRAFT               Mfg Tech Draft/Design

MANUF.AAS.MET                   Mfg Engineering Tech

MARKE.AAS                           Marketing

MPTV.AAS.ANIMAT               Animation

MPTV.AAS.FILM                    Film/Video Production

MPTV.AAS.PROD                  TV Production

NURSI.AAS                            Nursing

OFTI.AAS.AAST                    Administrative Assistant

OFTI.AAS.EXEC                    Executive Assistant

OFTI.AAS.MEET                   Admin Asst/Meeting & Event

PHOTO.AAS.TECH               Photography Technology

PHYTA.AAS                           Physical Therapist Asst

PLGL.AAS                             Paralegal Studies

RESP.AAS                             Resp Care Adv Practitioner

SLPA.AAS                             Speech-Lang Path Asst

SURGT.AAS                         Surgical Technology

TRAV.AAS.EVENT               Meeting & Event Plan

TRAV.AAS.PROF                 Travel/Tourism Prof



ACCOU.CER                        Accounting

ACCOU.CER.ADV                Advanced Accounting

ACCOU.CER.CLER              Clerical Accounting

AIRC.CER.ENERG               Energy Audit and Analysis

AIRC.CER.HVAC                 HVAC Service Technician

AIRC.CER.STATOP            Stationary Operator

ANTHR.CER.BUSIN            Business Anthropology

ARCH.CER.ARCH              Architectural Technology

ARCH.CER.PRE                 Pre-Architecture

ARCH.CER.REND              Architectural Rendering

AUTO.CER                         Auto Service Technology

CIS.CER.BUSPRO             Business Productivity Software

CIS.CER.CPLUS                C++ Language

CIS.CER.DBPRO               Database Proficiency

CIS.CER.ENTDB               Enterprise Database Prof

CIS.CER.GAMED              Game Design & Development

CIS.CER.GAMEP              Game Prog & Development

CIS.CER.IPHPD                iPhone/iPad Developer

CIS.CER.JAVA                  Java Language

CIS.CER.LINUX                LINUX

CIS.CER.NETWK              Windows Network Administration

CIS.CER.SPREAD            Spreadsheet Proficiency

CIS.CER.UNIX                  UNIX Proficiency

CIS.CER.VB                      Visual Basic Lang

CIS.CER.VOICE               Voice Over Telephony Sp

CIS.CER.WEBPRG           Web Programmer

CIS.CER.WEBT                Web Technician

CIT.CER                           Comp & Internetworking

CIT.CER.CCNA                CCNA Security

CIT.CER.INET                  Internetworking Tech

CIT.CER.INFOS               Information Systems Security

CIT.CER.NET                   Network Professional

CIT.CER.SYS                   System Support Specialist

CIT.CER.TECH                CompTIA A+ & Network+ PC

COSME.CER                    Cosmetology

CRIMJ.CER                      Criminal Justice

CRIMJ.CER.EMER           Emergency Management

CRIMJ.CER.FCI               Forensic Criminal Invstgtns

CRIMJ.CER.HOME          Homeland Security

CRIMJ.CER.PRIV             Private Security

CULIN.CER.BAKE            Baking & Pastry Arts

CULIN.CER.CUART         Culinary Arts

DMIN.CER                       Diagnostic Medical Imaging

DMIR.CER.CARDIV         Cardiac IV Radiography Specialist

DMIR.CER.CTOMO         Computed Tomography

DMIR.CER.MAMM           Mammography

DMIR.CER.RADTH          Radiation Therapy 

DMIS.CER                        Diag Med Sonography

DMIS.CER.VASC             Diag Med Vascular Sonog

EARTH.CER.WHAZ         Weather Hazards & Preparedness

ECEC.CER                       Early Childhood Education

ECEC.CER.ASST             Assistant Teacher

ECEC.CER.ECC               Administration Early Child

ECEC.CER.FAMCC          Family Child Care

ECEC.CER.MULTI            Multicultural Education

ECEC.CER.SCHCC          School-Age Child Care

ECEC.CER.TODD             Infant, Todd, 2 Yr Old

EDUCA.CER.TOUT          Teaching Online Utilizing Technology

ELECT.CER                      Electronics Technology

ELECT.CER.DIGIT            Digital Logic Devices P

ELECT.CER.EETEC          Electricity / Electronics Tec

ELECT.CER.INDCA           Industrial Control & Automation

ELECT.CER.RADIO          Radio Frequency (RF) Technician

ELECT.CER.RENEW         Renewable Energy Tech

ELMEC.CER.EPREP         Electrician’s Preparation

ELMEC.CER.MECH          Mechanical Maintenance

ELMEC.CER.MULTSK      Adv. Multiskilled Tech

ELMEC.CER.PROC           Process Control

ELMEC.CER.PROG          Programmable Controller

ENGLI.CER.TECH            Technical Communication

FACM.CER                       Facility Management General

FACM.CER.TECH            Facility Management Tech

FASHI.CER.APPRL          Fashion Apparel Prod.

FASHI.CER.DESGN         Fashion Design

FASHI.CER.ENTRE          Fashion Entrepreneur

FASHI.CER.MERCH         Fashion Merchandising

FIRE.CER                         Firefighter

FIRE.CER.EMT                 Emergency Medical Technician

FIRE.CER.MEDIC             Paramedic

FIRE.CER.OFCR              Fire Officer

FIRE.CER.PREV               Fire Prevention

GEOGR.CER.GIS             Geographic Information Sys

GRDSN.CER.LVL1            Graphic Design Level 1

GRDSN.CER.LVL2            Graphic Design Level 2

GRDSN.CER.WEBDE        Web Design

HIT.CER.ACUTE                Acute Healthcare Coding

HIT.CER.AMBUL                Ambulatory Coding

HIT.CER.POBILL                Physician Office Coding

HLTHS.CER.CNA               Nursing Assistant

HLTHS.CER.MASS           Medical Assistant

HLTHS.CER.NEKG           Non-Invasive EKG Tech

HLTHS.CER.PHARM         Pharmacy Technician

HLTHS.CER.PHLEB          Phlebotomy/EKG

HORT.CER                        Horticulture

HORT.CER.FLOR             Floral Shop Management

HORT.CER.GRDN            Nursery & Garden Center

HORT.CER.GRNH            Greenhouse Management

HORT.CER.LAND             Landscape Design & Const

HORT.CER.SUSTAIN       Sustainable Landscapes

HORT.CER.TURF            Land & Turf Maintenance

HOSP.CER.FOUN            Hotel Foundations

HOSP.CER.OPER            Hospitality Management Operations

HOSP.CER.RESORT       Resort Management

HOSP.CER.REST            Restaurant Management

HOSP.CER.SALE             Hotel Sales & Marketing

HOSP.CER.WINE             Wine Appreciation & Knowledge

HUMAN.CER                    Human Services

HUMAN.CER.ADDIC        Addictions Counseling

HUMAN.CER.CORR         Corrections Counseling

HUMAN.CER.DEVDS       Developmental Disabilities

HUMAN.CER.DOM           Domestic Violence

HUMAN.CER.GERON       Applied Gerontology

HUMAN.CER.REHAB        Psychiatric Rehab

HUMAN.CER.RESCC        Residential Child Care

HUMAN.CER.VET             Veterans Counseling

INTER.CER.COMP            Inter Design Comp Apps

INTER.CER.KBD               Kitchen & Bath Design 

INTER.CER.LITE               Interior Design Lighting

INTER.CER.SUST             Sustainable Interior Design

LIBRA.CER                        Library & Info Tech

LTC.CER                            Long Term Care

MANAG.CER                      Management

MANAG.CER.BEC              Business Environment

MANAG.CER.ECOM           E-Commerce

MANAG.CER.ENTR            Entrepreneurship

MANAG.CER.ORG             Organizational Leader

MANAG.CER.SPRV            Supervision

MANUF.CER                      Manufacturing Tech

MANUF.CER.AUTO           Automated Mfg Sys

MANUF.CER.CAD             Comp Aided Design

MANUF.CER.DRAFT         Mfg Draft/Design

MANUF.CER.MOLD          Mold Making

MANUF.CER.MSSC           Manufacturing Skills Stndrds

MANUF.CER.TOOL           Tool & Die Making

MARKE.CER                      Marketing

MARKE.CER.CONS           Consumer Marketing

MPTV.CER                         MPTV

MPTV.CER.ANIMA            Animation Certificate

NURSP.CER                      Practical Nursing

OFTI.CER.AAST                Administrative Assistant

OFTI.CER.EXEC               Executive Assistant

OFTI.CER.INFO                Office Technology

OFTI.CER.MEDOF            Medical Office

OFTI.CER.MEET              Admin Asst /Meeting & Event

OFTI.CER.WORD             Word Specialist

PHOTO.CER.TECH          Photography Tech

PHYS.CER.FITN               Fitness Instructor

PHYS.CER.PERF             Sports Performance Training

PLGL.CER                        Paralegal Studies

RESP.CER.POLY             Polysomnography

SURGT.CER                     Surgical Technology

SURGT.CER.CPDT          Central Proc. Distr. Tech

TRAV.CER.ESCORT        Tour Escort

TRAV.CER.ETRAV           E-Travel & Tourism

TRAV.CER.EVENT           Meeting Event Plan

TRAV.CER.FUND             Fund Travel/Tourism

TRAV.CER.GEOG            Travel Geography Spec

TRAV.CER.PROF             Travel/Tourism Pro

WELD.CER                       Welding 



ND                                  Non Degree Seeking

TE                                  Transfer Enrollee

UD                                  Undeclared

VOCSK                           Voc Skills General