Faculty Spotlight: Sandra Anderson

Sandra Anderson

Sandra Anderson
Department: Languages

Sandra Anderson has always been fascinated with the idea of communicating in different ways and traveling to discover new people and cultures.

"Once I made my first trip abroad, I was completely hooked. Later, I discovered Latin American Literature, which blew my mind," she said.

Anderson stumbled onto her love for teaching when she was a graduate student. "I couldn’t believe that it never felt like work. I have so much fun, and I’m never bored," she said.

Anderson was a lecturer in the Spanish department at Northwestern before coming to COD in 2002. She currently teaches, directs study abroad programs and promotes global education.

"I hope I inspire a love for learning about our rich, diverse world and how to connect with others through languages," she said. "It’s such a privilege to be able to speak with Spanish speakers in their language and get to know them through their cultures.

"My colleagues and students inspire me always to learn more and experiment with new things. COD is such a dynamic place to be, and it feels like anything is possible here. I respect and admire my students for their perseverance and ability to learn even when life presents them with significant challenges."

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