Faculty Spotlight: Betti Baytar-McTurk

Betti Baytar-McTurk

Betti Baytar-McTurkme
Program: Computer and
Internetworking Technologies

Betti Baytar-McTurk has always been fascinated by computers and technology.

While her background is ESL, or English as a Second Language, Baytar-McTurk has been involved with computers since 1982 when she initially worked on an Apple.

"I started my first computer course at Oregon State University, which was FORTRAN. I still do not know what and how I did in that class, but I managed to pass it," she explained. "Then I earned my first AAS degree in Microcomputers and Data Processing at Oakton Community College. After that, I got my first master's degree in Technology and Education at Chicago State University and my second Master's degree in Information Security at Lewis University."

Baytar-McTurk currently teaches part-time at College of DuPage in the Computer and Internetworking Technologies program. She finds that teaching is not a profession but a calling.

"Teaching is a wonderful, satisfying, incredible lifestyle," she said. "Knowing that as a teacher you are making a difference someone's life is priceless. I hope my students gain from my classes the true meaning of honesty, integrity and dignity as well as a sense of responsibility. And I always wish that they will make a strong habit of critical thinking."

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