Faculty Spotlight: Chuck Boone

Chuck Boone

Chuck Boone
Program: Art

Chuck Boone has enjoyed drawing since he was a small boy.

“At the age of 8, I was playing in the studio of a family patriarch, Francis Chase, who made his living as a painter and illustrator. Sitting at his drawing table, I thought, ‘This is what he gets to do every day.’ And here I am,” he said.

Boone spent most of his working career at College of DuPage, coming from the University of Illinois after completing an undergraduate and two graduate degrees. He spent three years at the university working as a financial aid counselor, managing their guaranteed loan and veterans’ benefits programs. He came to COD in 1987 as an adjunct and became full time in 1990.

As an undergraduate, he informally taught and then was a teaching assistant in graduate school.

“I loved being able to share my passion for art with students,” he said. “That grew into a desire to help students find their way in life, just as I found mine. It is my way of leaving the world better off than when I entered it.

“I want my students to develop the ability and habit of looking at the world thoughtfully and finding the good in it, as well as developing a passion for sharing that with others. This sense of wonder, awe and reverence is at the core of the arts and is the reason that they are important. Being an artist is not merely a career, it is a vocation and an epistemology.”

Boone’s inspiration comes from his beliefs, which fuel his life.

“It comes from the grace that I have been granted through Christ and the hope that those around me might embrace that same peaceful spirit and passion for righteousness. The art that I make, the comments I offer, the lessons I deliver, the fights I fight, and the fights I walk away from, the charity and compassion toward others – all are choices based in that singular thought,” he said.

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