Faculty Spotlight: Babette Dean

Babette Dean

Babette Dean
Continuing Education

Babette Dean always wanted to be a singer, and she shares that love of music with her beginning singing students at College of DuPage.

Educated in both voice and theater, Dean has been part of many bands, has worked in recording studios and on cruise ships, and continues to sing at assisted living homes, presenting one-hour shows. Her musical theater experience in Chicago includes “Happy End,” helmed by famed director Robert Falls.

But teaching gives her a chance to interact with people on a completely different level.

“I love people! Singing is also therapy. We all need it and some need a supportive, understanding teacher to get them started,” she said. “My class covers a lot of information about the mechanics of singing and about choosing the right songs in the right key. Hopefully, I have provided them with the information they need to continue their newfound singing careers.”

In return, Dean’s students inspire her.

“They are always – and I mean always! – encouraging to each other. It's scary to be vulnerable and that's exactly what happens when they sing in front of each other. But there is so much support and kindness that happens and it's infectious!”

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