Faculty Spotlight: Helen Feng

Helen Feng

Helen Feng

Helen Feng arrived at history by way of murder.

“The murder-mystery novel, that is,” she explained. “History is mystery, and the historian is a detective following leads and clues.”

Feng earned her bachelor’s a Wellesley College and both her master’s and doctorate at Northwestern University, with a field of specialization in Medieval Europe. While at Northwestern, she was a graduate teaching assistant. Then she had two one-year teaching assignments in private high schools in Cincinnati and Chatham, Va., before coming to College of DuPage. In addition to teaching, Feng also coordinates the Honors Program.

As a professor, she loves the joy of thinking and seeing patterns among seemingly unconnected historical phenomena.

“I love to tell stories,” she said. “History is a dialogue with the people of the past, and historical analysis means gathering facts and fusing them into a complex action narrative.

“Humanity, in all its manifestations, keeps me wondering. . . History fascinates me because it is the story of humanity.”

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