Faculty Spotlight: Victor Gensini

Victor Gensini

Victor Gensini
Department: Earth Sciences

When Victor Gensini was a teenager, a devastating tornado leveled his high school. 

"I was always interested in weather and its impacts since I was a child. But due to that event, I became very interested in the change in societal behavior," he said. "Since then, I've been very passionate about weather and climate and I haven't looked back."

Gensini taught a few classes part-time at College of DuPage before becoming a full-time graduate student at the University of Georgia to pursue a Ph.D. in climatology, which he is now completing remotely. It was in graduate school that he became fully interested in teaching.

"During my first semester as a teaching assistant, I found great excitement in trying to get students excited about weather," he said. "After classes were finished, I felt like I had made a difference in the way people view our atmosphere. It was then that I knew I had to pursue teaching."

Being a meteorologist, Gensini finds most of his inspiration in the complex beauty of mother nature. He hopes his students are equally intrigued.

"With introductory classes, it is hard to even scratch the surface explaining very complex physics in the atmosphere," he said. "Thus, I try to make students critically think when they are presented with problems. I try to make students understand that there is not always a correct answer to a problem, and many issues they will face in their lives are far more complex than one simple equation. Most of all, I strive to make them lifelong learners of the atmosphere. Heck, the atmosphere is teaching me new things everyday."

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