Faculty Spotlight: Branislav Rosul

Branislav Rosul

Branislav Rosul
Program: Electronics / INET /
Electro-Mechanical Technology 

Branislav Rosul draws on the past to inspire the future.

"I became interested in electricity and electronics after I read about the life and discoveries of great inventor Nikola Tesla," Rosul said. "I was fascinated mostly by his wireless control experiments and about his research in collecting the earth's energy from lightning.

"But I am inspired by all of the great minds of the past, and their foresight and dedication to science and innovation for the benefit of humanity, especially those who have benefited very little and the significance of their discoveries was revealed long after them."

With luck, Rosul is inspiring his students in a similar fashion in his electronics classes. Before coming to College of DuPage, Rosul worked on his doctorate at the University of Illinois at Chicago and was a research assistant there in Robotics.

"Teaching complements my fondness to work in technology with opportunity to share ideas with students," he said. "I hope that they will be able to develop their lives and gain the respect and appreciation for technology and its benefits through real-life, hands-on experiences in the program."

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