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Faculty Spotlight: Wanda Schlafly

Wanda Schlafly

Wanda Schlafly
Continuing Education

Although Wanda Schlafly spent her career as a supply chain manager for Nestlé, her passion in early retirement is connecting seniors to their families and friends through mobile technology.

"I teach classes at College of DuPage that help seniors get the most from their iPads," she said. "This may be to gain knowledge, to connect or just for fun. I also love to help them understand how they might capture personal stories from their family lives and share them."

It's that "a ha" moment that Schlafly enjoys, seeing students grasp the potential for how technology can improve their own lives in a powerful and exciting way.

"I want them to come away with the confidence that they can use the device and the notion that exploring capabilities and possibilities can be great fun," she said. "I am inspired by seniors who live full and productive lives, continuing to learn and grow at all ages. I love hearing stories of people's lives and families and capturing them on video for later generations."

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