Student Spotlight: David Baker

David Baker

David Baker 
Major: Motion Picture/Television
Hometown: Downers Grove

David Baker couldn't ask for a better education than the one he received while a student in College of DuPage's Motion Picture/Television program.

"The department is set up so that you can get exactly what you want out of it," he said. "The teachers are willing to offer their advise, but they also are willing to step aside and allow you to figure it out on your own if you so choose."

During his time at COD, he took a special project class that resulted in two teams creating manufacturing career videos for the DuPage Workforce Board. The project helped Baker learn the importance of group dynamics.

"I was the producer for one of the two teams," Baker explained. "My job was to be the central hub between the clients, participating companies, my group and the faculty advisors. I was in charge of scheduling the interviews, shoots to capture footage from the floors of the companies, and mapping out the group's goals for editing, graphics, audio and delivery.

"The timeline for this project was pretty short, so that required us to vigorously plan everything ahead of time while keeping a flexible mindset to allow the creative process to flourish, not to mention deal with the inevitable, unexpected hiccups all projects naturally experience. The group's ability to work together was far more important than the individual's talent in the quality of the final outcome."

Baker, who graduated in 2009 with an associate's degree in Film/Video Production, plans to become a producer and editor in Chicago's film and video community. He's currently working as a Producer/Editor on both a freelance basis as well as for an online retailer in Northbrook.

He thanks College of DuPage for providing him with a great start.

"I really enjoyed my experience in the MPTV department," he said. "While this specific project over the summer proved to be extremely frustrating at times, in hindsight I learned a lot from it. I feel that I have a solid foundation that I can bring to succeed out in the workforce."

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