Student Spotlight: Kellie Brennan

Kellie Brennan

Kellie Brennan
Associate in Science

After watching her sisters leave for college to attend the University of Illinois and Illinois State University, Kellie Brennan couldn't wait for her turn.

Unfortunately, her family's financial situation prevented her from doing so. Brennan turned to College of DuPage, knowing it was the best option, and she received the Presidential Scholarship, which included full-tuition and enrollment in COD's Honors program and the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society.

As the opportunities began to unfold, Brennan could see how College of DuPage could help her achieve.

"My leadership experiences at COD allowed me to improve my skills and myself," she said. "When I first joined the Living Leadership Program, I had no idea what to expect. I never could have anticipated the friendships, knowledge and experience I gained. Everything I learned from the program can be applied to my academics, activities and life.

"I also showed leadership by being a member of the DuPage softball team, where I was the academic leader. I participated in clubs such as EFG, where each member took on and led a fundraising activity. Finally, by taking a leadership development course where we had to learn about and research leadership, it allowed me to develop my own skills."

Brennan took general education courses and nursing prerequisites to prepare for transfer into a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. She also took Spanish courses and participated in Casa de Amigos, working toward fluency in Spanish so she can be a bilingual registered nurse. She also would like to study to become a nurse practitioner or a physician's assistant.

Brennan, who was named an Outstanding Graduate finalist in 2014, received the Elmhurst College Honors Transfer Scholarship, a full-tuition award. By the time she finishes her bachelor's degree, she will leave school virtually debt-free.

Although she didn't go off to school like her sisters, Brennan is thrilled that she chose College of DuPage.

"I would encourage all students to come to COD. With a great honors program, excellent professors, exciting Student Life programs, generous scholarships and more, COD truly is the best choice for beginning your higher education," she said. "Get involved, excel in your classes, and enjoy being a student at College of DuPage."

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