Student Spotlight: Alex Brock

Alex Brock

Alex Brock
Major: Nuclear Medicine and
Radiation Therapy

Alex Brock originally enrolled at College of DuPage for his general education requirements. He earned an associate’s degree in Automotive Technology but quickly realized the field wasn’t right for him.

While working in COD’s Bookstore and Registration department, Brock discovered he enjoyed helping people. He was then drawn to the health sciences but wasn’t sure which program to enter.

“I am inclined toward a health care field that’s more technical, and I like how nuclear medicine contains that
balance between technology and working with patients,” he said.

The Nuclear Medicine certificate program lasts 15 months and involves both didactic and clinical education. In 2012, Brock presented his work, “Technical Aspects Associated With Counting Miniaturized Chromatography Systems,” at the annual spring meeting of the Central Chapter Society of Nuclear Medicine in Indianapolis. The research
involved the quality control process in making pharmaceuticals and stemmed from a project at Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Radiopharmacy laboratory, where he worked with Dr. Michael Zimmer, professor of Radiology at Northwestern.

“I was taking a radiopharmacy class at COD taught by Dr. Zimmer, and he offered me this opportunity,” Brock said. “Although it’s not mandatory to participate in a research project, I recognized it as a way to expand my knowledge on this aspect of nuclear medicine.”

In summer 2012, Brock presented his research at the annual international meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine in June in Miami, Fla. For his trip to Miami, he has received a $1,000 travel scholarship from the Society of Nuclear Medicine.

Brock finished his certificate at the top of his class. He now is enrolled in COD’s Radiation Therapy advanced certificate program, which is for graduates of Radiography and Nuclear Medicine programs. His clinical education during summer 2013 is providing great satisfaction.

"Working with cancer patients to help improve their lives has been the most rewarding part of my life thus far. It is a great feeling to find a career that I thoroughly enjoy doing every day," he said.

By adding a second health care specialty, he feels the additional skills will increase his employment options.

“College of DuPage has been immensely helpful from the beginning,” he said. “I found something I have a passion for and can excel in. I’m thankful to the counselors, staff and faculty, especially (Nuclear Medicine Program Coordinator) Joanne Metler, who makes sure someone is always looking out for you. Being at COD is so much more than just taking a class.”

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