Student Spotlight: Ansirleac Carter

Ansirleac Carter

Ansirleac Carter
Major: Nursing

Ansirleac Carter was unsure whether she would succeed in college.

"I never thought that I was smart enough to attend college and had a fear of failing," she said. "I met with a College of DuPage counselor who encouraged me to apply. When I arrived nervous and anxious in the Testing Center, one of the staff members was very comforting and helped to calm my fears. I tested and my results far exceeded my expectations, with the most impressive score being a 99. With God’s help and the encouragement from staff, I enrolled."

Carter currently is completing her prerequisites to enter the Associate Degree in Nursing program. While doing so, she is also taking classes to earn an Associate in Science degree. While at College of DuPage, Carter received the Honorable Bonnie M. Wheaton scholarship that contributes to the educational goals of single mothers and women.

"I am extremely thankful for the wonderful gift of Judge Wheaton’s investment into the future of others," she said. "I had exhausted all of my unemployment benefits and did not have any additional source of income. Her gift helped with the cost of my classes and supplies. I am forever grateful and look forward to the opportunity to one day contribute to someone else’s future." 

Carter plans to continue her education beyond COD and obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a master's degree. She has two goals: to become a teacher and give back to students as her instructors and counselors have given to her, and to open and direct a community clinic for the poor and underprivileged that will offer various services to educate and empower others.

The latter goal is personal as it relates to the loss of her father.

"He was a diabetic who refused health care due to old-fashioned fears," she said. "When he passed, I decided I wanted to go into health care and help educate the elderly and less fortunate."

Having conquered her fear of college, Carter is confident about meeting her goals. And College of DuPage continues to provide inspiration and support.

"I cannot thank the staff and some of the students here for what they have imparted into my life," she said. "There is a documentary that I watched that had a gentleman expressing how the word 'college' was void from his vocabulary and what a difference it could have made in his life. I could so relate to what he was saying and at the same time, I was so thankful for the opportunity that I had been given through COD. Not only am I successful, I am also an Honors student. COD has also helped me to expand my dreams and goals toward my future through
seminars and workshops. The diversity helps prepare you for the real world and broadens your experience to different cultures.

"When I achieve my degree, I will be the first college grad in my family, and I cannot wait to thank God and share the celebration of my success with my family and friends."

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