Student Spotlight: Chris Cody

Chris Cody

Chris Cody
Major: Engineering
Hometown: Forest Park

Like many students before him, Chris Cody selected College of DuPage in order to save money while completing his general education requirements. He then discovered a love of math, which led him to physics and engineering.

"I didn't do well at all in high school physics," he said. "But at COD, I took physics, math and engineering. The level of courses was extremely challenging, and I had to apply myself a lot more than I did in high school."

In 2011, Cody received a $16,000 Illinois State Assembly Scholarship through the office of Illinois State Sen. Kimberly Lightford.The scholarship is for students attending a state-supported university. Cody transferred to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he is using the scholarship to study electrical engineering.

"When I found out about the scholarship, I decided to take a leap of faith and apply because I knew I needed it in order to transfer," he said.

Cody plans to work in the circuit design industry, designing robust low-power digital integrated circuits that will greatly reduce the cost of running them without affecting performance. He also would like to work someday with prosthetics. Several of his friends need prosthetics, and he wants to be in the forefront of prosthetics research and development in order to improve their functionality.

"That's what I enjoy most about electrical engineering. There are so many extremely interesting and challenging opportunities for electrical engineers, so I know that if I ever get bored I just need to look in a slightly different direction in order to find something completely new," he said.

Cody will earn his bachelor's degree in 2014. Although he studied at College of DuPage for only one year before transferring, Cody believes that year prepared him well for the University of Illinois. He credits three of his professors – Bob Cappetta in math, Tom Carter in physics and David Smith in engineering – for pushing him to do his best.

"I will always praise, praise, praise my teachers," he said. "They were truly outstanding, and I am really pleased that I came to College of DuPage."

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