Student Spotlight: Cendy Cruz

Cendy Cruz

Cendy Cruz

In sixth grade, Cendy Cruz's mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

During the ordeal, Cruz realized that she wanted to become a doctor. While her mother is now doing fine, Cruz took that first step at College of DuPage, where she majored in Biology.

"I chose College of DuPage because it's where I wanted to begin my journey to success in life," she said. "I knew that COD would be the best fit for my education and budget."

In fall 2010, Cruz received the Freshman Scholarship through the COD Foundation. It strengthened her determination to continue studying science.

"The scholarship helped me prepare for the future in a way that helps me continue my education, after which I can save the lives of many people," she said. "In the future, my goal is to find out what causes the growth of brain tumors and cancer and to find a cure."

Cruz graduated from COD in 2012 with her Associate in Science degree. Her passion for a health- or medicine-related career has not diminished. However, she has broadened her scope of options and currently is studying Psychology at North Central College, where she is deciding upon either medicine or occupational therapy. She's thankful to College of DuPage for helping her get started toward that goal.

"At COD, I had great professors who were willing to help me as well as others. In Calculus, I met with the professor to make sure I was doing the best I could," she said. "In life, we have to sacrifice something to reach our ultimate goal. I am happy that I can go to college and have the opportunity to reach my goals."

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