Student Spotlight: Cullen Dobbs

Student Spotlight: Cullen Dobbs

Cullen Dobbs
Major: Criminal Justice

Cullen Dobbs became interested in the law through his father.

“He went to law school and then changed his life around to work construction and build movie theaters,” he said. “I have always been obsessed with the law when it comes to watching TV and even learning about it throughout my life.”

Dobbs decide to attend College of DuPage because of his family. He received the Presidential Scholarship, a full tuition award that alleviated the financial burden of school and allowed him to live at home to help his mother, who struggles with health issues.

He also was part of the Honors program and had begun to distinguish himself, presenting at the Honors Council of the Illinois Region symposium.

“I was planning to graduate with an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice and two certificates in Homeland Security and Emergency Management,” he said. “That all changed with the Georgetown opportunity.”

Dobbs was accepted to Georgetown University through the Community College Preferred Consideration Program. He was recommended by former Associate Vice President of Academics Emmanuel Awuah.

“To have administrators and faculty who believed in me as much as they did was just extremely warming,” he said. “Professor Deanna Davisson of the Homeland Security program completely changed my attitude toward education and helped me grow as a student, along with Professor Michelle Moore and many others who helped shape my educational career. I will be forever grateful for what College of DuPage has done for me.

“I also have to thank my mom, who pushed me to take advantage of all opportunities that came my way.”

While at Georgetown, Dobbs enjoyed being part of the Ultimate Frisbee team that competed at nationals, a first for Georgetown. In 2018, he also worked for the Naperville Police Department, giving him a taste of his future career in criminal justice.

He is now transferring into the Honors College at the University of Illinois at Chicago. As he continues his studies, Dobbs will always remember where he got his start.

“College of DuPage has been extremely influential when it came to my career foundation and path that has been set out. If not for COD and the opportunities I gained by coming to this school, I wouldn’t be attending Georgetown today. I never thought myself capable of such an accomplishment. I will do my best to make sure these opportunities do not go in vain.

“For all incoming students, I would recommend pursuing something you love, because the difference between a job and a career is the level of passion you hold for it. I love government and criminal law. It makes school extremely easy and interesting and something I look forward to studying and learning about. I have never had a hard time doing something I love. It takes time but the time is worth it, and being at places like COD is the time to figure out what you love. All you need is to have a little faith and trust yourself that things will work out.”

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