Student Spotlight: Cara Eckert

Cara Eckert

Cara Eckert
Major: Paralegal Studies

Cara Eckert knew that returning to the workforce meant additional career training.

“After deciding that the time was right, I realized that I needed to return to school. The world is a different place now,” she said. “I have always been interested in law, and I always enjoy learning new things. Training as a paralegal was a cost-effective decision. I also kept seeing information about how the paralegal field was projected to grow in the coming years.”

The fact that the Paralegal Studies program at College of DuPage is approved by the American Bar Association helped Eckert make her decision. She began taking classes in the fall of 2011 and earned her Paralegal Studies Certificate in May 2013.

Her goal is to pursue the highest certification that she can achieve as a paralegal while working in the legal field. She spent nearly a year at a real estate firm in Naperville before relocating to Louisiana, where she will take the certified paralegal exam in December 2014.

Eckert praises the College of DuPage program for preparing her well.

“It can be daunting to face returning to work after being home for almost 20 years, but College of DuPage provided very practical training for me that will pay off,” she said. “The Paralegal Studies program is top notch. Frankly, COD offered so much more than I thought.”

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