Student Spotlight: Amy Elliott

Amy Elliott

Amy Elliott
Major: Business/Marketing

When Amy Elliott attended the University of Akron, she was undecided about a major.

“After a year of being a full-time student and still undecided, even after taking a class to help me decide on a major, it was a better choice for me financially to start working,” she said. “I worked for about four years as the manager of a portrait studio, where I was given the ability to learn how an actual business runs through hands-on experience.”

One day, while visiting her bank, Elliott saw a “Now Hiring” sign. She went online and applied, and after several interviews she was hired by U.S. Bank as a co-manager. After moving to Illinois and transferring to another branch, Elliott was ready make the decision to invest in her future, so she began asking her co-workers what college they recommended.

“Everyone said the same thing: College of DuPage,” she said. “They would tell me about their experiences when they attended. After checking out the College's web site, I applied online and was ready to go.”

All of her previous credits from the University of Akron transferred, and when U.S. Bank opened a branch on COD’s campus, she was hired as the branch manager.

“Career-wise, the partnership with U.S. Bank and COD provided the opportunity for me to be promoted to a branch manager. This allows me to get to know more and more students, faculty and staff members on campus and help contribute to the educational process at COD in numerous ways,” she said. “For example, I work with the school to help promote financial education through financial seminars, with topics ranging from paying for school and understanding credit to identity theft. Everyone I have worked with at COD has been great!”

Elliott plans to earn either her Associate in Arts degree or Associate in Applied Science degree in Marketing. This will allow her to advance at U.S. Bank when she is ready and the position is right for her. She plans to transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources.

She is thankful that she took the time to research colleges before selecting College of DuPage and encourages others to ask the questions they may have.

“There are many options when looking into education, along with many resources available to help you make the right decisions for you,” she said. “There are many non-traditional ways to take classes, and COD will certainly have an option that fits your needs, no matter if you are a traditional or adult student.

“College of DuPage is the right choice for me at this time in my life. It is helping me meet my goals with an affordable and great education that I can pay for as I go, and it provides a great atmosphere in the process.”

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