Student Spotlight: Jared Gorski

Jared Gorski

Jared Gorski
Major: Business
Hometown: Wheaton

To Jared Gorski, economics is simply a study of life in general as applied to property and business.

"Economics fascinates me because I believe it is basically applied philosophy," he explained. "The assumptions of economics reach far beyond simply economic boundaries. For example, economics attempts to study what humans value, analyze the way we attribute value, objectively allocate value, predict actions/events, theorize structures based on ethics, and methodize a way of thinking about economics-related topics. To me, economics is not only inherently relevant, it also has the potential to either ruin or greatly benefit the entire world depending on whether the prevailing economic theory is congruent with reality."

It may have been simple economics that brought Gorski to College of DuPage. As a Presidential Scholar, he received a full-tuition scholarship and enrollment in COD's Honors program and the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. But the return goes far beyond monetary savings.

"As a business major, I felt and still feel that, regardless of the scholarship, this decision sets me apart from other business majors who spent the extra money for the same general education at a four-year," he said. "I have always had a passion for economics and the philosophy behind economic theory, but I decided to emphasize economics through a business major because I felt that the simple liberal arts degree would not open up as many opportunities."

Gorski graduated with his Associate in Arts degree in May 2013 and transferred to Biola University in La Miranda, Calif., to pursue a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a minor in Biblical Studies. One of his goals is to open a CrossFit gym, combining his interest in business and economics with a love for physical fitness.

"CrossFit is a rapidly growing sport and is not only valuable for physical fitness, but also mental fitness," he said. "I even extend its benefits to the realm of spiritual fitness. Not only is CrossFit an attractive door for business, it is a way to help people attain their physical, mental, spiritual and, ultimately, life goals.

"My ultimate educational goal is to simply use what I have been given to the fullest. I will know if my education was worth it if, down the road, it invaluably aids me in making a lasting impression in someone’s life. That goes for my career as well. College of DuPage helped me toward one goal in particular: obtaining a bachelor's degree relatively loan-free. I feel that, on the way, COD prepared me for the business world by humbling me and teaching me diligence, as well as connecting me with peers and professors who were both encouraging influences and
challenging thinkers."

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