Student Spotlight: Jennifer Guitian

Jennifer Guitian

Jennifer Guitian
Major: Photography

Jennifer Guitian grew up in Venezuela, attending elementary school and high school with the same group of friends.

She always wanted to move to a different state or neighborhood in order to add a spark of excitement to her life. Instead, she studied at a public state university 15 miles away from her home and earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, which she then practiced for two years.

“I had high expectations with this degree and my practice,” she said. “I loved the idea of working in the improvement and construction of better opportunities for the community, but some obstacles came in the way so I worked in a family-owned business for about two years. At the same time, I started exploring photography by taking classes and participating in photo meet-ups.”

Guitian and her husband eventually moved to the U.S., first to Minnesota, where she began taking some college classes. After they moved to the Chicago area, she enrolled at College of DuPage full time to pursue an associate’s degree in Photography.

“This art represents a desired change of career for me and a second opportunity to make a living in the near future,” she said. “I have been passionate about photography for some years now, thus I decided to take classes and get the most I can from them. Also, I started studying it in my home country where I took some photography classes.”

Guitian has set five educational goals for herself: Get the most out of her classes and help from her professors, become highly skilled in photography at a professional level, earn her degree as a foundation to transfer to another institution, get her feet wet with different kinds of photography offered through the program, and draw a path for her future style in photography.

She has now met several of those goals, including earning her associate’s degree at College of DuPage and starting her own business, specializing in family, pet and product work. In addition, Guitian is a freelancer, learns tools to become a better entrepreneur, updates techniques through workshops and conferences, and networks to connect with other small business owners. She balances her work with yoga, a love of essential oils, making new friends and hanging out with her dog, Bru.

“The possibility to learn deeply has become a passion for me,” she said. “College of DuPage is a great place to study and has many resources and qualified staff.”

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