Student Spotlight: Ashley Hufstedler

Ashley Hufstedler

Ashley Hufstedler
Major: Sonography

Ashley Hufstedler entered College of DuPage’s Radiography program, unaware that her future would take her in a different direction – the Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography program.

“While in the Radiography program, we worked closely with some of the ultrasound techs, and that’s when I became interested in sonography,” she explained. 

So Hufstedler continued her education, knowing that COD would prepare her well for a career.

“COD helped by being located close to home, so I was able to continue working and attend school,” she said. “Personally, it was affordable and I didn’t have to take out student loans. It helped me grow into a professional health care worker while being in a realistic environment.”

Hufstedler works full-time at a local hospital, is on-call with several doctors’ offices and teaches part-time at COD, where she instructs students in hands-on scanning.

“The sky’s the limit, and I don’t plan on stopping there,” she said. “School is a lot of hard work and dedication. It seems that some days challenge you more than others, but in the end it all pays off.”

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