Student Spotlight: Alex Jurczewski

Alex Jurczewski

Alex Jurczewski
Major: Fashion Studies

Although she wears a lot of black, Alex Jurczewski is obsessed with color.

“The idea of color psychology is what first interested me in fashion,” she said. “It amazed me how designers would combine different colors together that I never thought of. What’s even better is that each color on the color wheel has its own unique and individual story. The possibilities are endless!”

When she was 17, Jurczewski enrolled in a fashion illustration summer course at College of DuPage. She realized how amazing the Fashion Studies program was and decided it would be a great environment in which to start her education before transferring to a four-year school.

She pursued the Fashion Merchandising degree and developed a passion for visual merchandising.

“I love how I am able to create a story visually that leads my customers to a certain reaction. It’s kind of like mind control in a very creative way,” she said.

During the summer of 2014, she took a class at the London College of Fashion to get a taste of the program. She initially thought about transferring there, but she realized that what she learned were topics and ideas that she already explored at COD.

Encouraged by the faculty and staff, Jurczewski sent out her resume and portfolio and within two weeks she became the visual merchandising leader for Target in Norridge.

“It’s a brand new role for Target and each store has one VML. It’s my first full-time position in the career field that I’m passionate about,” she said. “Although transferring has taken a back seat, I decided that getting more experience in my chosen career would be the best option, and it is definitely paying off.”

Jurczewski hasn’t determined a career goal because she doesn’t want to limit her options. Whichever path she follows, she thanks the faculty and staff at College of DuPage – especially Sharon Scalise, Anna Gay, Melissa Heischberg and Vin Reed – for giving her a solid start.

“I feel like I am challenging a new part of my brain that I did not even know existed, and now I see things from a new perspective, which is really working to my advantage,” she said. “Also, thanks to the support from the department, I was encouraged to take London trend forecasting at the London College of Fashion. They all have so much faith in me that it makes me constantly want to do better and go above and beyond to really see what I am capable of achieving.

“My advice to others would to be to stay focused and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Taking risks is what this industry is all about, and you come to school to learn, so making mistakes now will only help you in the long run. Do not be afraid to stand out and make a difference, because people will notice and they WILL remember. The Fashion Studies program has changed my life for the better.”

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