Student Spotlight: Henry Krol

Henry Krol

Henry Krol
Major: Associate in Arts
Hometown: Westmont

College of DuPage was an obvious choice for Henry Krol. What he didn't expect was how much he would enjoy the experience.

"My initial reason for enrolling was because of the low financial cost, as I have to pay for my schooling on my own," he said. "What I didn't know was the professors at this institution pay close attention to their students and care about what they are teaching. At first, going to school was mandatory, but I continue to go because I feel I can apply what I have learned to my life. Attending College of DuPage has helped me appreciate my education and future even more."

Krol finished his Associate in Arts degree but is still deciding on a career.

"My thoughts about my future and career goals are always fluctuating," he said. "I feel that I can help my environment as well as the people in it, possibly a combination of science and social services. It's cliché but I
want to assist and guide others; that puts a smile on my face.

"I've dreamt and still dream about being an astronaut, pilot, professional chef, zookeeper, actor and even a wizard. I love certain aspects about certain careers. It's a shame that I have to decide on only one."

During his time at College of DuPage, Kroll earned two scholarships: the Foundation Textbook Scholarship and the College of DuPage Faculty Association Scholarship. He was shocked to receive them and encourages students to apply because they have nothing to lose.

Krol is considering schools for transfer as well as applying for various internships with hopes that one will lead him to his career. Above all, he thanks College of DuPage for preparing him.

"College of DuPage has opened my eyes to see how the education system works and how to use it to my benefit," he said. "This has been a wonderful journey and I wouldn't want to start and finish anywhere else. There is nothing wrong with attending a community college, as its sole purpose is to help students achieve their educational dreams.

"I want to work with people in a sense that I really influence them to make the right decisions in their lives and improve their surroundings. I want to be a leader and guide those who have lost their way. By helping people realize their potential and worth, I am fulfilling my potential in return.

"Even though I'm still unclear about my major, I have learned what steps to take to support my major. I'm more than happy with my decision to attend College of DuPage."

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