Student Spotlight: Jess Lies

Jess Lies

Jess Lies
Major: Architecture

Architecture has been a big part of Jess Lies' life ever since she was a little girl.

"My parents own an interior design firm," she said. "I remember several family dinners when napkins became the vellum for the latest project sketches."

Lies decided to attend College of DuPage because of its great transfer reputation with renowned architecture programs at four-year schools. This allowed her to finish the first two years of her degree with little to no debt.

"Also, due to the economic feasibility of COD's courses, I was able to in take advantage of a study abroad opportunity in Italy with my architecture teachers, seeing the architectural wonders I had learned about in class," she said.

Lies transferred to Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, where she is earning her bachelor's in architecture. After taking the Architecture Registration Exam (ARE) and interning, she would like to earn her license in Architecture. Her dream is to pursue her passion of architecture around the world where she can experience, live and work in many different cultures.

She credits College of DuPage's Architecture program and faculty for helping her meet her goals by providing the knowledge and skills require to continue her education and begin her career. She also received the help to build and develop an artistic portfolio, which is required to enter Architecture programs at many transfer schools.

"COD offers an amazing opportunity for high school students who are either unsure about what degree they want to pursue or for students who are interested in architecture and wish to build up a portfolio so they can then transfer," she said. I would suggest knowing your transfer options so you can follow the specific transfer curriculum from the time you start at COD.

"COD offers knowledgeable professors, direct contact with professionals and four-year school representatives, and a family environment where you get to know your professors and your classmates on a personal level."

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