Student Spotlight: Jose Macias

Jose Macias

Jose Macias
Major: Psychology

Jose Macias has many loves -- mathematics, psychology and dance.

"What inspired me in regards to mathematics was my freshman and sophomore math teacher showing and telling me that math is simpler than I think," he said. "He made math more understandable."

Now a student at College of DuPage, Macias is learning new study tactics to excel on exams and finals. He's also meeting and networking with new people to establish connections in hopes of landing an internship in the Chicago public school system.

However, while he still loves math, he is now interested in pursuing psychology to become a counselor.

"I want to help students, particularly high school students, and I want them to know the importance of school and why they should pursue college," he said. "I would love to someday be on the Board of Education in Chicago so I can enforce new rules and help minorities see the importance of pursuing higher education. I also want to help them get the new school supplies they need to succeed."

Then there's his love of dance. As a side job, Macias wants to be a professional choreographer. And in 2014, he was accepted into a dance company, which he considers a stepping stone to becoming a professional choreographer. 

Macias serves as vice president of the College's Latino Ethnics Awareness Association. His involvement with LEAA is broadening his outlook and allowing him to inform others about how to succeed.

"In the Latino Outreach Center, I inform people about what the center is and how its main objective is to help Latinos with any essential questions," he said. "LEAA has helped me get involved more in our community and understand the problems Latinos are facing and what we can do to overcome these problems.

"My advice to other students is to never let anyone stand in your way of your goal. Once you have a clear vision on your future, run in full sprint to obtain it."

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