Student Spotlight: Alice Marks

Alice Marks

Alice Marks
Major: Nursing

Alice Marks originally attended a cosmetology school after high school and worked as a beautician.

But she was ready for something different. Seven years ago, she started taking her general education requirements at College of DuPage – one class at a time. With three children, she knew it wouldn’t be easy.

“I had a friend who told me, ‘Ten years will pass regardless of whether you go to school or not,’ so I decided to do it,” she said. “I love working with people and wanted a career that allowed me to do so. Once I was accepted into the Nursing program, I knew the next two years would be intensive. It felt long and yet it went by very fast.”

Marks credits her instructors, especially Nursing Professor Dilyss Gallyot, for “giving me more confidence in myself.” She currently works at a pulmonologist’s office and plans to start her bachelor’s degree.

“College of DuPage was convenient and affordable,” she said. “Everyone was so helpful all along the way.”

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