Student Spotlight: Gracie Ortuoste

Gracie Ortuoste

Gracie Ortuoste
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Lombard

Gracie Ortuoste could have attended a four-year institution, but she decided upon College of DuPage after taking a tour of the campus while in high school.

"Everyone was talking about how it's just COD and dismissed it, so I was surprised at how nice everything was," she said. "The new buildings are so modern, and I like that. By taking the same classes here that I would have taken at a four-year university, not only will it save me thousands and thousands of dollars for tuition but it will also help me adjust more easily to life as a college student."

Ortuoste is studying accounting, a subject she enjoyed taking in high school. Although she normally does not like math, she is fascinated by accounting.

"I really like how you use accounting in relation to money and how it runs a business," she said. "Every business revolves around money, and handling that part of a business is very powerful."

While her current goal is to finish at College of DuPage, Ortuoste would like to transfer and earn a bachelor's degree in Accounting. Then she would like to work in the world of finance, perhaps at a large corporation. She's happy that her Accounting classes at COD are providing her with a solid foundation.

"Professor (Jeannie) Folk is great at teaching us everything we need to know," she said. "Her stories about accounting and her tips are really helpful because most other teachers just tell you what's in the book."

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