Student Spotlight: Deyna Parvanova

Student Spotlight: Deyna Parvanova

Deyna Parvanova
Major: Associate in Arts

When deciding between College of DuPage and a four-year institution, Deyna Parvanova listened to her older sister.

“She transferred from College of DuPage to the University of Illinois and sees community colleges as a nice transition from high school to a large university. She is right!” Parvanova explained. “When I finished high school, I felt intimidated about tackling challenging higher education courses. College of DuPage offers students a chance to taste college and build confidence in the process of study while conveniently living at home.

“College of DuPage was only the first step in my educational plan, but it was this important step that built the foundation for the next ones. As a future professional, it is important for me to gain knowledge and skills because people will depend on my decisions one day. One of the best things about College of DuPage is not only the fact that classes are small, but it cannot go unnoticed that the attitude of all instructors is to help students as much as possible. They truly care and want their students to succeed. This environment brings out the best in people.”

At a young age, Parvanova decided to pursue a career in business and finance. The recession of the late 2000s played a big part in her choice, as she listened to discussions and media reports about bankrupt businesses while friends and neighbors lost their homes.

“I was amazed by how governments, politics, banks and financial institutions can sway a country in different directions and how this affects our lives,” she said. “I began to envision myself assisting businesses in making important financial decisions.”

While at College of DuPage, Parvanova was an Honors Scholar, became a member of Phi Theta Kappa, was one of two nominees from COD for the All-USA Academic Team competition and was named a Gold Scholar on the 2018 Coca-Cola Academic Team.

“The honors courses I took at College of DuPage involved discussions, debates and writing many research papers, which was a transformative step in developing how I think, discuss and write,” she said. “Struggling to come up with an interesting, original idea that gives a new spin on what is already known is a worthwhile challenge that has taught me to scrutinize current knowledge more critically, think more originally and write more effectively. These skills will continue to help me not only in the classroom but also in the workplace one day.

“There is also so much more to be learned outside the classroom! College of DuPage offers many clubs and organizations for students to gather together and share interests and passions. In this community, I found the importance of helping others in need. The Fuel Pantry, run by the Phi Theta Kappa team, supports students, faculty and staff facing food insecurity and in need of assistance. During the hours I spent in the pantry, I made friends and learned that there is good to be found in people from the lowest to the highest stations and the best way to find it, the only way to find it, is to treat everyone with equal respect.”

Parvanova also received numerous scholarships through the COD Foundation that covered her tuition and book costs. These included the Foundation’s Impact Scholarship, Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, Foundation Textbook Scholarship, Naperville Rotary Charities & the Rotary Club of Naperville Scholarship, and the Foundation Freshman Scholarship.

“I am thankful for the generosity of the Foundation,” she said. “Receiving scholarships is not just about receiving money for me, it tells me that I have potential for the future in our society. It is an inspiration to further strive for quality and merit in all that I do.”

In 2018, Parvanova was one of the College’s outstanding graduate finalists. Having earned her Associate in Arts degree, she now knows that her sister was right about College of DuPage.

“I feel prepared to take the next step in my education, and I want to thank College of DuPage for the phenomenal opportunities and experiences it has provided me. I would not be where I am today if it was not for the faculty and staff’s care for my success. College of DuPage was truly a positive step in my education and I am more optimistic than ever about my future.”

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