Student Spotlight: Alexis Reisch

Alexis Reisch

Alexis Reisch
Major: Associate in Arts

When Alexis Reisch was looking at colleges, she hoped to attend a four-year institution on a tennis scholarship. But after exploring her options, she could not find the right school for her.

“College of DuPage was the best choice for me,” she said. “It offered so many opportunities, one of which was leadership development.”

In addition to playing tennis for one year, Reisch took part in the Living Leadership program and New Student Orientation. She liked that freshmen and sophomores could become officers of clubs and organizations, which would not happen at a four-year school, and she became active in Haven, a student club that deals with human rights in regards to different cultures and religions.

Reisch also participated in a research project with Psychology Professor Ken Gray involving how different mindsets affect outcomes. Gray, Associate Professor of Sociology Mary Jean Cravens and others helped broaden her analytical skills.

Reisch plans to transfer and study neuroscience as well as social science, and she would like to find a job working with people who have survived abuse and trauma. Reisch believes she has the right perspective to help others.

“I’ve always done what everyone else wanted me to do,” she said. “College of DuPage helped me find my own voice. The faculty and staff really opened my eyes, and I learned how to explore what I wanted to do.”

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