Student Spotlight: Justin Roman

Justin Roman

Justin Roman
Major: Transfer

As a DuPage County teen, Justin Roman had two dreams: pitch for the Cubs or be the next Michael Jackson.

Baseball didn’t work out. But as co-host of US99’s Stylz and Roman show (formerly on B96) and as front man for a band that’s toured with Pitbull, the College of DuPage graduate may yet achieve the Michael Jackson part.

Roman epitomizes the student with a dream who must change direction.

“I was groomed to play baseball,” he said. At Lake Park High School, the left-handed pitcher won “all the awards you can win.”

But the hoped-for Division I scholarship never materialized.

“It broke my heart,” he said. “So, it was like, ‘All right, I may not be good enough to pitch for the Cubs. Maybe music is the way I should go.’”

Roman caught the music bug as a Westfield Middle School student. There, he met Mike Lettieri of M&R Music, who did deejay duty for school dances. Lettieri let Roman and his friends perform at a dance. “The girls went crazy,” he said.

After that, Roman hounded Lettieri for a job until he became an assistant mobile deejay.

“I really wanted to be up on stage,” he said. “I wanted to be the center of attention.”

Sometimes, Roman grabbed the microphone and sang along. The girls screamed some more. Lettieri said, “You should put a group together. You’ve got a good voice. You have good stage presence.”

So Roman did. And Lettieri put them on stage at local festivals. The girls screamed some more.

When baseball fell through, the self-described “mama's boy” decided to stay home, enroll at College of DuPage and find a new direction.

“COD was the best choice I could have made,” Roman said. “Instead of wasting time, I got all my general education out of the way. I got my associate’s degree, and it bought me about two years to figure out where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. Plus, it saved my parents money.”

From COD, Roman enrolled in Elmhurst College, where he quickly earned a bachelor's degree in music business and landed a promotion department internship at B96. That, in turn, led to an invitation to make a deejay demo tape with friend Dougie Stylz. The rest is Chicagoland radio history.

Today, Roman is riding high. As founder and front man of the band Jump Smokers, he and his band mates have toured the world with Pitbull, Enrique Iglasias and many more. In 2016, he added game entertainment host for the Chicago Bulls to his resume.

And Stylz and Roman, co-owners of a country bar, are still soaring on Chicago radio. After more than 12 years at B96, the duo moved to mornings at US99.

And while the Cubs fan may not have landed that pitching gig, he did get to throw out the first ball at a Cubs game, and he and Stylz got to sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during a seventh-inning Wrigley Field stretch.

Having missed out on one dream and scored with another, Roman offers this advice to students:

“I don't care what you go into – music, sports, medicine, law – never give up,” he said. "Because persistence pays off, and people who quit are never going to make it.

“Pitbull told me something I’ll never forget. Referring to a few people that said his success was ‘lucky,’ he said, ‘The funny thing about that is the harder I work, the luckier I get!’ I’ve been living my life by those words ever since because hard work truly does pay off.”

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Justin Roman

US99 morning radio host, Justin Roman, started his career as a student at College of DuPage, which launched him into a world of success. After graduating and interning at B96, he and his partner Doug Stylz owned the afternoons at the station on their evening commute show for twelve years. Now, the duo can be heard every weekday morning as they co-host their morning radio show on US99, which has been on-air for the past two years.

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