Student Spotlight: Joseph Maxwell Schroeder

Student Spotlight: Joseph Maxwell Schroeder

Joseph Maxwell Schroeder
Major: Computer Information


Joseph Maxwell Schroeder’s interest in computers started in high school when he began accessing restricted programs. 

“The graphic design and digital animation teacher decided that a better use of my abilities and interests would be suited to his classroom as opposed to the trouble I was getting into,” he said.

After graduating from high school, Schroeder began attending College of DuPage and initially took a different route. He became a certified sommelier, working for Michelin star restaurants in the Chicago area and as a chef, bartender and general manager.

The grueling schedule of a culinary career wore thin. After opening the last restaurant he was a part of and spending more than 90 hours a week there, he switched gears and began managing a gun range and store, which led Schroeder back to his interest in computers.

“The place was stuck in the ’70s, with over 100 four-drawer filing cabinets and nothing electronic, not even the cash registers,” he said. “So I started a very long project of automating everything, storing documents digitally, setting up servers and cloud backups, as well as converting all the registers to iPads so that sales could occur anywhere in the store.”

Schroeder returned to College of DuPage and is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems. While at COD, he has received several scholarships through the College’s Foundation, including the Paul W. and Katherine T. Hedburn Map Gap Scholarship.

He also has started a new company, 5-10 Solutions, focusing on businesses that are open or at their peak hours between 5 and 10 p.m.

“Old friends in the restaurant industry were calling about their point of sales systems failing, websites and IT services costing way too much money, and asking if I knew anyone who could help,” he said. “I had been running restaurants for so long that whenever anything broke, I taught myself how to fix it. Having extensive knowledge in the industry, I felt confident in my ability to assist them. 

“I started doing web development and cloud backups, handling media servers and point of sale systems. It was at that point that my knowledge base was growing to a place where I was much more confident due to the classes I was taking at COD.”

Schroeder plans to transfer to Lewis University through the College’s 3+1 program and earn his bachelor’s degree. He then plans to grow his company into a larger organization, with more employees and locations.

College of DuPage is providing the best value as he juggles school with his career.

“While working a full-time job, owning my own tech consultancy company and taking classes, COD is affordable and it’s easy to build my schedule,” he said. “The classes are challenging while still being realistic. Most of the teachers in the CIS program are currently or have spent most of their careers working in the computer field, and they understand from experience the issues that are prevalent in the industry.

“Regardless of your knowledge base, regardless of age, where you come from or any notions you have of what college is or your own past experiences, COD is a great place to start down a new path or further one you have already started on. Follow your passions and work hard – you can do it.”

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