Student Spotlight: Lauren Vitiello

Lauren Vitiello

Lauren Vitiello
Major: Photography

Lauren Vitiello first became interested in photography because it was her mom's hobby.

But Vitiello was interested in going further. Now having completed her associate's degree in Photography at College of DuPage, Vitiello has turned photography into a career, currently working at DwJohnson Photography as the studio manager and lead photographer.

"I work with a great team of creatives on both commercial and editorial projects," she said. "I'd love to continue to further my experience with creative directing and production in commercial work."

Vitiello received the Academic Excellence Scholarship at COD, and she also did her research, comparing the College's program to one in New York City.

"COD's seemed to be better overall -- and it turned out that it was!" she said. "COD offered me an excellent education in addition to helping me acquire an internship and a study abroad experience in Florence, Italy. I felt like I received great one-on-one with both my professors and advisors, in order to personalize an experience that would prepare me for my career." 

Vitiello advises COD students to research the resources that College of DuPage offers.

"If you look for the right opportunities, you can cater your education to be your own and gain some really great experiences," she said. "Study abroad, apply for internships, and establish relationships with the professors because they will be great connections to have in the future. Set goals, travel, learn from professionals, ask questions, volunteer, experiment, get organized, and make your education your own!"

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