Student Spotlight: Kasia Warias

Kasia Warias

Kasia Warias
Major: Sonography
Hometown: Justice

Kasia Warias was well-aware of College of DuPage before enrolling.

"I decided to attend COD because it is one of the few schools that offer the Sonography program and I got great feedback from the former graduates," she explained.

Warias started at COD in 2009 and finished the Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography program at the end of 2010. She since has been working as a sonographer at two hospitals.

"The program was very intense, and the material was covered in detail," she said. "The scanning labs were valuable because every student receives attention and individual scanning time. The labs helped me to develop the basic scanning techniques and learn appropriate habits as far as proper scanning position and patient position.
"COD also has other great resources, such as the Library, to help students with any kind of problems. I am really impressed."

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