Student Spotlight: Virginia Watson

Virginia Watson

Virginia Watson
Major: Psychology

Virginia Watson is a late bloomer when it comes to college, and she found exactly what she wanted at College of DuPage.

"I've worked 30 years as a legal secretary and was only able to take no more than two classes a semester," she said. "I knew that COD would provide me with a challenging curriculum, employ only educated and qualified professors, and maintain a strong name in the field of education.

"As a student at COD, I am enjoying the person that I am becoming. I benefit from my peers, in-class participation, my professors, and the knowledge that I am receiving. It's priceless. Also, I am confident that I am on the right track and will be well-equipped to pursue my new career in serving others."

In 2014, Watson received the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship and was recognized at the annual breakfast co-hosted by College of DuPage and Benedictine University.

"I applied for the scholarship with a positive attitude and detached from the outcome," she said. "I was at the office when I received the call that I was one of the recipients. At first, I began to laugh hysterically, then I began to cry. I was so happy that after 30 years, I was finally pursuing my education and was being rewarded for my hard work."

Watson is studying psychology and plans to earn her associate's degree in 2015. She considers College of DuPage one of the best two-year colleges in Illinois and encourages others to enroll.

"The curriculum is demanding and a challenge, but nothing in life worth having is easy," she said. "You will earn every grade. By doing so, you will receive the best education and will be confident and qualified to practice the discipline that you're working so hard to attain.

"Hold the vision and stay the course. You will reap if you do not tire out."

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