Student Spotlight: Joan White

Joan White

Joan White
Major: Sonography
Hometown: Naperville

Before returning to college, Joan White researched her options and found that College of DuPage had an excellent reputation.

"I needed to get my associate's and training so I could get into the workforce as soon as possible," she said. "COD has multiple programs that can be completed in a relatively short period of time. And COD is somewhere close to where I live in Naperville."

In 2005, White began her prerequisites for the Radiography program and completed that degree in 2008. She then entered the Diagnostic Medical Imaging -- Sonography certificate program and finished in 2010.

She found that both programs lived up to the research she did prior to enrolling.

"The two programs I was in, both Radiography and Sonography, are tailored to meet the maximum standards, not the minimum," she said. "Students have their coursework and their clinicals simultaneously. This classroom/hands-on approach allows students to work in the field immediately upon graduation.

"It has been my experience so far that employers are happy with the training that students receive at COD. In other words, COD students are more marketable."

As she was completing the Sonography program, White was hired by Hines Veterans Administration Hospital in the Ultrasound and Radiology departments and has been working full time since them.

"I love my job and especially love the idea that I am working with the veterans," she said. "I am a veteran myself, having spent nine years in the U.S. Navy from 1984 to 1993 as an air traffic controller."

White also teaches the Ultrasound Physics Lab at COD as an adjunct instructor. She enjoys the challenge of trying to make Ultrasound Physics more relatable, plus it keeps her "in the books" which helps her take better images at work.

She praises COD for helping her reach her goals.

"All of my instructors, both in and out of the medical programs, have been exceptional," White said. "I have been to other colleges in other states over the years, and it is quite an accomplishment for COD to have such a well-rounded and gifted staff. I hope they realize how special they all are."

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