Student Spotlight: Crystal Wieworka

Crystal Wieworka

Crystal Wieworka
Major: Sonography

Attending College of DuPage has empowered Crystal Wieworka, a single mother of two girls who is encouraging them to follow their dreams.

“I realized that without an education, not only could I not provide for my daughters properly but that they would not be as well prepared to pursue their dreams as they grow,” she explained. “By obtaining an education for myself, it will serve to enrich their lives by way of example and opportunity. I can show my children how to be independent and strong and that if you put your mind to something and truly believe in yourself, no dream is too big.”

As Wieworka describes it, she put on her “big-girl pants” and started to research schools, discovering that College of DuPage has the best Diagnostic Medical Imaging - Sonography program in the area.

“From there I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, baby steps if you will, and two years later after all my general requirements had been met I was accepted into the DMIS program,” she said.

Helping her with the financial aspect of attending school were two scholarships that Wieworka received: the Rotary Club of Naperville Downtown Scholarship and the BethAnn Morgese Scholarship.

“Once I had been accepted into the DMIS program, figuring out how to pay for the additional expense of classes was a daunting task. I never in a million years thought I would be awarded scholarships but I figured that it could not hurt to try,” she said. “Receiving these scholarships not only helped me get one step closer to my goals but also gave my children the chance to see what it means to work hard for something that is important to them.

“Although receiving these scholarships put me at a loss for words and made me eternally grateful to those who made this opportunity possible, I must say that the chance to meet the wonderful people who funded the scholarships at the College’s Scholarship Reception was an amazing experience. I can’t thank them enough. To know that complete strangers have so much faith in me that they are willing to help fund my education brought me to tears.”

Wieworka graduated with her associate’s degree and was immediately hired at her clinical site. She has since obtained a new certification for nuchal translucency (NT) for obstetrics. Her new job at a vein clinic gives her more time with her family while broadening her skills as a sonographer, and she continues working per diem at the hospital that hired her after graduation.

Once her children are older, Wieworka would like to return to school.

“The sky’s the limit for my educational goals!” she said. “I would like to go back and get a higher degree in sonography and possibly teach. I’m also interested in a specialty field of sonography known as echocardiography. I may even want to become a doctor. I will see where the future takes me but I can guarantee that this isn’t my last journey. There is so much to learn and so many possibilities.

“After taking a long break from education to start my family after high school, I began to feel that I would never be able to accomplish anything of this magnitude. I take a great deal of pride in my ability to overcome obstacles that once seemed daunting and impossible as I continue to exceed my own expectations.

“College of DuPage gave me a tremendous sense of pride and strength in myself, and the staff and professors helped me reach my true potential. I have been able to finally give my family a permanent home and am as happy as ever. COD helped our dreams become real, and I am now able to give my children the life I have always wanted for them.”

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