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Living Leadership Program 

The Office of Student Life is committed to the development of student leaders and student organizations on campus.

The Living Leadership Program is designed for students interested in building their leadership skills and confidence while actively participating in our vibrant campus community.

What is the Living Leadership Program?

The Living Leadership Program is a free non-transcript certificate program at College of DuPage focused on developing students into active leaders and positive change-makers. The program is divided into 2 phases to meet the diverse needs of College of DuPage students. You may begin at any time and completion of the requirements is self-paced.

Phase 1 introduces you to leadership and focuses on leading of self and others through practical skill development workshops and involvement in campus life. Students who complete phase one are honored at the Annual Student Life Celebration and Awards Ceremony in April. After completing the portfolio students are also eligible to move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2 builds on your leadership experience by guiding you through expanded topics in leadership including servant leadership, ethical leadership, articulating a vision, and developing a personal leadership philosophy. Students are required to complete additional skills workshops, volunteer hours, and the Leadership Development class (Humanities 2210, 3 credits). Students who add the Living Leadership components to their leadership portfolio receive a Living Leadership Certificate, a Living Leadership medal to wear at graduation, and will be honored at the Annual Student Life Celebration and Awards Ceremony in April.

What is Leadership?

Our philosophy is simple. We believe everyone has the potential to be a leader, and everyone can make a positive impact in their community. The program is guided by the Three Tenets of Leadership Philosophy:


3 Tenets

Using these three tenets to make a positive impact on your community is living leadership.

The Living Leadership Program is anchored in the Social Change Model of leadership development. It is heavily influenced by the Leadership Identity Development Model and subscribes to the theory of positive psychology (StrengthsQuest).

Why Study Leadership?

Through participating in the Living Leadership Program you will:

  • Make a difference on campus, in the local community, and beyond
  • Discover your top talents and learn how to develop them into strengths
  • Develop a personal leadership philosophy and skills to be a successful leader
  • Gather experiences to enrich your future applications and interviews
  • Create a leadership portfolio of your unique experience in the program
  • Join like-minded students with interest in leadership


How do I start?

To participate in the Living Leadership Program you must:

  • Be currently enrolled in at least one credit hour
  • Hold a 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher (waived for first semester students)
  • Be in good standing with the college


Students who meet these requirements can:

    1. Download the Welcome Letter
    2. Sign up to begin the program: Online Sign Up
    3. Start your leadership journey!


How do I complete the Living Leadership Program?

The program is divided into 2 phases. You may begin at any time and completion of the requirements is self-paced. Students planning on completing both phases of the program may take the Leadership Development class at any time.

To complete Phase 1 you must:

  • Participate in a club/organization/team on campus
  • Complete 5 leadership development experiences (can include workshops, retreats, or conferences)
    • Introduction to StrengthsQuest is required
  • Complete a portfolio of your program experiences (reflection guides provided)


To complete Phase 2 you must:

  • Achieve Phase 1
  • Continue to participate in a club/org/team on campus
  • Complete an additional 3 leadership development experiences
  • Complete 16 hours of service in the community (through Service Learning or independently)
  • Successfully complete Leadership Development class (Humanities 2210, 3 credit hours)
  • Compile a personal leadership portfolio with your experiences from the Living Leadership Program (reflection guides provided)


All students who complete certificates will be honored at the Annual Student Life Celebration and Awards Ceremony in April.

Living Leadership Program Schedule:

To meet the needs and interests of students, the following calendar has options for completing the program. Student may choose which experiences they would like to attend to meet program requirements.

Leadership Retreats:

  • Summer Leadership Retreat
    • July 29 - July 30, 2016
    • Stronghold Retreat Center, Oregon, IL

Leadership Conferences:

  • Living Leadership Conference
    • Spring 2017 

Leadership Workshops:

  • 2016-2017 
    • Check ChapLife for most up-to-date event information

Leadership Development Class Registration Information:

  • Leadership Development (Humanities 2210) is designed to help students understand the nature of leadership, develop their personal leadership philosophy and prepare them to become leaders at home, on campus, in their community, and in their professions. This class meets the Living Leadership Certificate requirement and transfers as an elective course. Please contact an academic advisor for additional transfer information.


Living Leadership Alumni Spotlights:


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