New Employee Orientation Online!

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The Teaching and Learning Center offers an online version of New Employee Orientation to part-time employees.

To register, email the TLC and be sure to include your name, your Colleague ID#, and make sure to specify if you are faculty or staff.

Please allow 24 hrs for your registration request to be processed. Once you register you will receive an email from the TLC with further instruction.

Student Employee Orientation (A tool for Supervisors of Student Employees)


Student Employee Orientation (SEO) at College of DuPage gives student employees a similar orientation as our regular employees, and introduces them to the college so they have a fuller picture of what it means to be an employee at COD.

  • Part I is a 90-minute online module. This module provides information about COD resources, and an overview of the college with information specific to student employees.
  • Part II  is a printable reference guide that documents systems, processes and resources at COD.
  • Part III  is a customizable checklist that departments can use when introducing student employees to processes specific to their department.

If you are a Supervisor of student employees, email the TLC your student employee's name and colleague ID to have them enrolled.

New Employee Orientation (for Full-Time Classified only)

New Employee Orientation (NEO) at College of DuPage is a three module program that introduces employees to the college culture, available resources, and gives a great overview of various departments in the college.

  • Module 1 is a face to face session. This is a day of meeting people, learning about COD resources, and an overview of the college. Always held on Tuesdays, this session runs from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • Module 2 is self-completed online training.
  • Module 3 is a face to face follow-up session with the same cohort. Always held on Thursdays, this session runs from 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Who can attend?

  • Full-Time Staff (Administrators, Managerial, Classified, FOP, and Operating Engineers) are invited to participate in the full NEO Module 1, 2, and 3.
  • Online NEO will be available soon for employees who are part-time, have temporary positions, who work evening or night shift, or whose work schedule does not allow for a full day of participation.
  • NEO for Full-Time Faculty is available in August.
  • If you are a current full-time employee who has never attended NEO, email the TLC to register for a future session.

The program runs on a bi-monthly schedule.
Click here for a list of scheduled orientation sessions.

For more information:

New Employees - Welcome to College of DuPage!

As a new employee, you are now a member of a vibrant campus community with inspired students, exceptional academic programs, excellence in teaching and leadership, and dedicated staff. We are excited that you will be attending the next New Employee Orientation. To supplement your three module training we have created a website of resources just for you. Click here to access COD History videos, links to relevant COD resources, and links to Module 2's online training

Supervisors of New Employees

We are excited that your new employee has the opportunity to attend New Employee Orientation! If you have not been contacted by the TLC staff to confirm attendance of your new employee, please send an email to TLC@cod.edu or call extension 3805 to register your new employee. Sessions are held bi-monthly. Click here for a list of scheduled orientation sessions.


Contact Information

Teaching and Learning Center
Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 1105/1107, (630) 942-3805

New Employee Orientation Online


New Employee Orientation Online

Preview the New Employee Orientation Online that is now available.