Service Excellence at College of DuPage

At College of DuPage, Service Excellence is not just a collection of training courses, but a culture that provides the best service to students, community, faculty and staff. The sessions below, provide opportunities for employees of College of DuPage to discover what Service Excellence means and how you can apply it in your everyday life (both here and at home).

Module 1: Building a Foundation of Service Excellence


This module will help you to discover the importance of Service Excellence, and how it plays an integral role at the College of DuPage.

This module provides the foundation for Module 2: Exploring Service Excellence and you should complete this on your own before beginning Module 2.

Module 2: Exploring Service Excellence


This second module is presented by Steve Beck, of Beck Seminars. Steve is a motivational speaker, author and well-known expert on providing service in an educational environment. In this session you will hear more about how to uncover your personal excellence.

Module 3: Creating Service Excellence


In this third module Steve Beck will help you take your service excellence to the next level! You'll personalize your approach to service excellence. 

All 3 modules are now available online in two different courses:

Service Excellence for Faculty and Service Excellence for Staff
To register, email the TLC and be sure to include your name, you Colleague ID#, and make sure to specify if you are faculty or staff.

Please allow 24 hrs for your registration request to be processed. Once you register you will receive an email from the TLC with further instruction.

Undeliverable: Email Etiquette for Today's Workplace


An increasing number of customers prefer email contact over telephone contact. However, many of these people are dissatisfied with the information and the service they receive via email. This session provides valuable information and examples comparing accepted email conventions to the all-too-common unprofessional emails.


Contact Information

Teaching and Learning Center
Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 1105/1107, (630) 942-3805

Service Excellence Online


Service Excellence at COD

The Service Excellence Series is now available online. Watch this short preview video to learn more!