Caregiving Resources & the Library

Four out of every ten people are caregivers. Many of our colleagues, students, and community members—Perhaps even YOU-- are one of the four! Come and learn about the resources, services and support mechanisms available to caregivers here at COD, within the community and nation-wide! Shared resources will address day-to-day, practical needs as well as provide methods to soothe the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stress brought on by caregiving. Questions are welcome!

Drug Interactions

Do I take this medication with food or without? Can I drink (alcohol, citrus, juice, milk) with these meds? Does this medicine react with other supplements or medications that I'm already taking? Learn to run drug interactions quickly and accurately. Find the answers to these and other medication-related questions by attending this workshop!

The Empowered Patient

Have you ever left a healthcare appointment feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, confused or scared?Attend this workshop and receive practical tips and suggestions on how you can improve interactions with your health care providers. Join the discussion, empower yourself as a healthcare consumer and learn how Library resources and staff can improve your personal wellbeing!

Health Research Simplified

Get introduced to the fabulous print and electronic health and wellness resources available through your library. Learn how to research, evaluate and retrieve quality health information. Find out how health information professionals can assist you on the road to wellness!

Just One Thing: Using Mindfulness Skills to
Increase Your Ability to Remain Focused

Research shows that once we are pulled away from working on a project, it may take as much as 25 minutes to return to the task. This workshop will explore ways to increase your ability to self-monitor and will suggest several concrete methods to increase your ability to be more productive. 

"Smart" Medicine

Want to know the best times/conditions to take specific medications? How can you identify pills, capsules and tablets without the benefit of original packaging or bottles? Or how to create an accurate medication/supplement list in case of emergency or in preparation for a health appointment? Come and learn how to be "smart" about all things medication-related!

Stress and the Workplace

Countless health research studies and documented medical cases show the negative effects of stress on health and wellbeing. Stressful situations in our workplaces are unavoidable. If we cannot control or stop the causes of stress, we must find positive, constructive methods to maintain our health and wellbeing, and to continue to be productive and effective in our jobs. Join this workshop to learn about proven stress management and reduction techniques and resources!

COD Faculty:

Faculty can elect to use these workshops as a health & wellness incentive activity (must register via TLC and attend three workshops during the 2014-2015 academic year, prior to May 31, 2015. In order to receive a wellness incentive activity completion certificate notify the TLC of the three workshops you attended.)

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