two students conversing with an instructor in the PEC building

Action Projects

Active College of DuPage Action Projects

QIP 15: Improving Academic Performance

The Improving Academic Performance Action Project will focus on within term retention (10th day to end-of-term) and success (obtaining a grade of A, B, or C) rates for students engaged in online learning or developmental coursework. 

GOAL STATEMENT:  Within-term retention and success (obtaining a grade of A, B, or C)  rates for students taking online, developmental math, and developmental English courses will be in the top quartile when compared to National Community College Benchmarking Project institutions. 

This Action Project goal is consistent with COD's 2014-2016 Strategic Long Range Goal #2 which states: Demonstrate student success by implementing approaches resulting in top quartile retention, persistence, and graduation rates.)

QIP 16: Early College Initiative

This action project is a pilot involving College of DuPage, West Chicago High School and Glenbard East High School.

The goal of the pilot is to provide West Chicago High School and Glenbard East High School Students the ability to acquire up to 15 college credit in "gateway" courses (e.g., Math, English, Speech, Social Science and Humanities). By successfully mastering the "gateway" courses we anticipate seeing a higher percentage of West Chicago High School students continuing on to college and completing a degree within 150 percent of "normal time."

QIP 17: Designing a Blueprint For Student Success

This action project is focused on researching, designing, and implementing a COD Student Success Model that will lead to higher levels of student (within term) retention, (fall-to-fall) persistence and (degree and certificate) completion.

This Action Project will be completed over the course of COD's participation in the Higher Learning Commission's Academy for Student Persistence and Completion (cohort 3).


Retired College of DuPage Action Projects:

QIP 1: Improve Students’ Skills in Developmental Reading, Writing and Mathematics

The goal of this project was to improve developmental students’ skills in reading, writing and mathematics and ensure their success in college-level English and mathematics courses.

QIP 2: Improve Student Advising

The goal of this project was to designed and implemented an efficient and effective advising system to help COD students meet their individual educational goals. 

QIP 3: Improve Effectiveness of Partnerships with Area High Schools

The goal of this project was to develop effective and productive partnerships with area high schools to meet the needs of four primary stakeholder groups: high school students, their parents, high school teachers and administrators.

QIP 4: Valuing People Through Enhanced Communications

The goal of this project was to design an internal communications plan including quick-start recommendations and those needing long-term implementation. As a result of this team’s work, the Quality Improvement Council (QIC) has approved the chartering of a QIC Communications Advisory Committee.

QIP 5: Improve Academic Readiness of Students

The goal of this project was to design and implemented the processes for the automatic checking and enforcement of course prerequisites in order to improve the proper placement of students in classes.

QIP 6: Improve Student Engagement

The goal of this project was focused on the effect of Learning Communities on student retention and persistence as a means of improving student engagement. Over two semesters, retention and persistence of Learning Community students exceeded that of the general population of equivalent students. 

QIP 7: Improving General Education Learning Outcomes

The goal of this project was to develop student learning outcomes for each general education category.

QIP 8: Academic Program Development and Approval Process

The goal of this project was to produce a institutional program development and approval process that complies with state and other regulatory requirements.

QIP 9: Improving the Course Scheduling Process

The goal of this project was to develop: 1) a course scheduling process that meets the demands of our student population and 2) a general set of guidelines that will minimize the number of canceled classes and optimize the ability to add sections.

QIP 10: Improving the Effectiveness of the Comprehensive Advising Model

The goal of this project was to improve the alignment of advising services that are provided by College of DuPage with our students’ needs and goals, as well as improvement of the student advising experience. 

QIP 11: Exemplary Student Experience

The goal of this initiative is to provide every student with an exemplary student experience with each and every student interaction.  Therefore, COD will create, own and deliver a service culture that understands and is responsive to the needs of the student.  Embedded in this culture will be adherence to the requirements of: 

  • Reliability – Ability to perform services (educational & administrative) dependably and accurately.
  • Assurance – Faculty & staff have the knowledge and ability to inspire trust and confidence with students.
  • Tangibles – Appearance of physical facilities, equipment, staff and communication material are consistent and appropriate.
  • Empathy – Caring and individualized attention are provided to students.
  • Responsiveness – Insure willingness on the part of staff to help students, provide prompt service, and solve problems.

QIP 12: Improving the Workplace Culture and Climate

In 2010, COD administered the Personal Assessment of College Environment (PACE) survey to all full-time and part-time staff.  As a part of the data analysis trends or consistencies across contingency groups were evaluated.  As a result of the survey several opportunities for improvement identified. These opportunities include decision making at the appropriate level, information sharing, internal advancement, cooperation or a feeling of family at COD, how COD is organized and involvement in planning for the future.

The goal of this initiative is to focus on these opportunities in order to positively impact and improve the overall workplace climate and culture. 

QIP 13: Enhancing Student Satisfaction, Retention, and Success Though Advising/Counseling Staff Realignment

Community colleges are designed to be open-door institutions and as such the range of students we serve include those who are most likely to have academic and financial challenges.  Developing an advising model which blends centralized advising services along with integrating services into academic divisions allows for the “front door” of the college for new students to engage with advising services upon initial enrollment at the College. 

The goal of this project is to align the advising and counseling services currently provided by the Student Services division leading to improved student satisfaction and retention; enhance the college-wide focus on student service; and grow enrollment.

QIP 14: Improving Data/Information Availability and Management

The Improving Data/Information Availability and  Management Action Project will focus on the design, construction and implement of a Data Warehouse that provides critical indicators displayed in a succinct, easily understood, visually appealing format (dashboards) to support the selection, collection, and integration of data and information to use in the tracking of daily operations and overall institutional performance.