Bulk Mail Processing

Each bulk mailing must be accompanied by a work order with an authorized budget signature and two (2) unaddressed/ labeled pieces of material being mailed. Mailings received without signed work orders may be delayed in processing.

It is unacceptable to separate large mailings to avoid completing requisitions. Separating mail in this manner increases processing time and creates additional postal expense for the college.

All departments are asked to contact the mailroom prior to the preparation of the mailing material, for information and consultation regarding mail plans, in order to ensure that mailed items meet the minimum specifications for mechanical handling and facilitate proper scheduling.

Outgoing mail should be separated from interdepartmental mail.

Stamped personal mail may be deposited in any mail bags throughout the day. Outgoing mail is delivered to the Glen Ellyn Post Office at the end of the day. The mailroom will not affix postage to personal mail; it will be returned to the sender for postage. Charges for personal mail and parcels mailed through the College mailroom are payable at time of service by cash, or personal check.

If special instructions are necessary for sending mail, attach a note securely. Do not use Post It notes, or write on letters, parcels, etc.

Letters of like weight and size sent to the mailroom should be banded together. If they are not sealed it is helpful if all envelope flaps are up to expedite processing.

Mail (other than first class #10 letter size) not marked for classification will be sent at the lowest rate possible. (See definitions of mail classes.)